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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Learn to Play guitar by Covering Somebody's Me by Enrique

There would be no denying the fact that learning how to play the guitar would be considered to be quite a skillful task. This would allow you to expand your horizon of hobbies in to something useful and also become a crowd-pleaser. So, with time being so limited in your hands, you could think about learn guitar online. Once you would log in to the internet, you would be blown away with the diverse range of options that you would be able to find where online guitar lessons are concerned. Even then, you would have to find one which would be suited to your skill level and tastes.

It would be for this reason that I would suggest you begin mastering this skill by learning how to cover a song by a popular artist. In this case, we would be talking about Somebody's me by Enrique Iglesias. Considered to be one of the finest Latin artists in today generations, you would find people to be going crazy for him. However, the reason why I have chosen this particular track is because it involves a lot of guitar inputs. As such, you would not only be able to learn the basics, but also learn a lot about guitar-playing.

First things first, it would be important to get the guitar chords down pat in the beginning of the song. The track would begin with a G-chord, followed by a D-chord, then A-minor, and finally the C-chord. Considered to be basic chords, these would be enough to cover major parts of the song.
On the other hand, the introduction is considered to be slightly tricky. But, if you would break it down in to three parts, the task would become quite easy. Your main focus to learn guitar online would be to make sure that the G-string would be generating the sound and the maximum amount of impact.

When you would be starting out, you would find the introduction to be quite difficult to grasp. In addition to making sure that you would be hitting the right chords, you would also have to maintain coordination of the fingers and strings. But this would not be something which you would need to be overly worried about. Just keep on practicing and soon you would get the hang of it.
Once you would get the introduction down pat, you would then be able to progress to the next segment. Also, if you would be struggling too much with the introduction, do not panic. You could skip it entirely and then revisit it when you would be slightly more comfortable and brave.

All things all, you would find these four chords to be used throughout the song, in various measures and motions. The best part about learning guitar online is that you would be able to practice along with the tutor. With the sessions being recorded, you would be able to play back and start from where you would get stuck. As such, this would really help you to learn at your own pace and achieve the best results.

If you would like to learn how to learn guitar online, that too by covering any track by any artist, learning a song from Enrique by watching video tutorials from youtube should be a good place to start for free.

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