Niall Horan to Undergo Surgery in His Right Knee

Three years after undergoing an operation on his left knee, it turns out that Niall Horan has to have surgery on his right knee as well. The One Direction star had a long standing problem in his left knee and in early 2014, he underwent a major operation in the United States for correcting it. However, as the problem had been old, he had overcompensated for his left leg with his right one and this has created problems in it. Therefore, it also requires surgery now.

Referring to the problem as nasty, the star revealed that there is a joint issue in his family because of which the bones don’t sit properly in their sockets. He said that this is applicable not just to his legs, but also his shoulders and ankles. He said that the entire process was very excruciating as he cannot even do pushups without experiencing pain. The 24-year old said that he was lucky he had gone for rehab when he did.

Currently, the star is busy in the promotions for his debut solo album called Flickr that was released on 20th October, Friday. In addition, he is also going to embark on a world tour next year in March. Due to his busy schedule, it is uncertain as to when the Irish star will be able to have the operation. During an interview, the singer also revealed that most of the songs that are included in his album are about one person; someone he had had a secret relationship with recently.

He explained that it was his aim to live his life out of the public eye as much as possible because he doesn’t want people asking him loads of questions as this just makes him uncomfortable. He asserted that he wasn’t very good at talking about his emotions, but he found it easier to write things down on paper and putting them in a song. Niall is currently ‘extremely single’ and is no longer with the unnamed person and he also insisted that the rumors about his romance with Olympia Valance, the Neighbours Actress, weren’t true.  

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