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Friday, November 9, 2018

Hip Hop Music: Featuring New Hip Hop Songs of 2018

While hip hop music has been under the fire of criticism since its invention, it continues to emerge with new melodies being played on the radio. Every year new hip hop songs keep releasing and keep taking the world by storm. The origin of hip hop music is traced back to the early ethnic years in Africa. These beats were often referred to as different drumbeats, foot-stomping sounds, and chants performed by African tribes as a way of signaling diverse events in their tribes.
The actual development of hip hop music started in 1960 when many African tribes migrated to Jamaica where they formed a brand “DJ Conglomerates” with underprivileged Jamaicans. They primarily focused on communicating with their audience through their cultural roots and presented many new hip hop songs with spun rhythms that pleased the people in the community.
Hip hop began to emerge around the world when “Bronx” embraced the music by using drum combination and samples in 1970s. Many block parties were used to play new hip hop songs being developed by several groups with the purpose of promoting peace and harmony in New York. However, the golden time of hip hop music came into existence in mid 90s when hip hop artists like Common, Talib Kweli, Gang Starr, Jungle Brothers, Eric B. & Rakim, and Digable made their unique identity with some of the memorable hip hop music.
In this article, we will put together some of the best new hip hop songs that were released in 2018 and have been streaming with good ranking in the most music charts too.

1. “In My Feelings” – Drake

The Canadian musician Drake gained another big success with his fifth album “Scorpion” release this year. Featuring additional voices of the City Girl, “In my feelings” is one of the best new hip hop songs roaring loud on the most dancing floors around the world. Amazingly, the jazz hip hop song ruled at number 1 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart for up to 10 weeks and broke many records.

2. “I like it” – Cardi B

The song belongs to Cardi B’ studio album “Invasion of Privacy” in which the American rapper has beautifully comprised a trap salsa beat, making the track truly mesmerizing. Combining an energetic horn segment, infectious trap beats, and Latin grooves, Cardi B takes the opportunity to explain what she likes through her latest single. At the same time, “I like It” is a perfect example of how she flaunts her Latin heritage. The song topped the Hot 100 of the week in the end of July 2018, ranking the singer at number one on the chart.

3. “Big Bank” – YG

Featuring additional vocals of Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and Nicki Minaj is another hit addition to new hip hop songs released this year. The American Rapper recorded this song as the second solo for his third album “Stay Dangerous”. He also played “Big Bank” at the BET Awards with the aforementioned artists in June 2018.

4. “Late Night Messages” – Wiz Khalifa

The American Rapper Wiz Khalifa appeared to be in his full sprit to show his talent in 2018. His “Late Night Messages” is an obvious standing in new hip hop songs that emerges from his latest album “Rolling Papers 2” that released this year.

5. “No Brainer” – DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled prepared his new solo in inspiration of his last trip to Cabo San Lucas. Featuring guest vocals of Justin Bieber, Quavo and Chance the Rapper, “No Brainer” is a kind of anthem with communicable chorus and bubbly beats. Thanks to humorous lyrics and jazzy beats, the song is a costless fun which is not only derivate but also is capitalistic and good-for-nothing.

6. “Casper” – Takeoff

From Takeoff’s first solo album “The Last Rocket”, this jazz melody feels like he is like a ghost who answered many questions with veracity. The hip hop song is actually what it sets out to be an example for future activities. Plainly put, “Casper” is a standout melody among new hip hop songs this year.

7. “God’s Plan” – Drake

Drake with his latest jazzy tune of “God’s Plan” returns to the Friday night scene on music charts presenting new hip hop songs. He delivers a melodic upbeat party track, laying down his singing raps. Released in 2018, this record is certainly appreciated in the clubs. The lyrics of “God’s Plan” address fate and reps the singer’s set in the process. The song is highlighted with its bouncy vibes and gives the feel of an instant hit for Drake.

8. “Ring” – Cardi B

With so many new hip hop songs releasing in 2018, Cardi B certainly tops the jazz music this year. “Ring” is another hit record from her album “Invasion of Privacy” which also features the American singer Kehlani. The song is a mix of biting verses and sweet vocals that together produce another hit for their line and strongly grasp pride for both the singers. “Ring” received a sultry and savage response from their listeners who made them feel special for what they have produced. It is a ridiculously fun melody filled with energy and life.

9. “FEFE” – 6ix9ine

It won’t be wrong to state that “FEFE” got the American rapper 6ix9ine the success he has always been longing for. Released in July, 2018, the song proves its ovation in most charts dedicated to listing the top ten new hip hop songs. The track also features Murda Beats and Nicki Minaj who joined the 21-year-old rapper and garnered attention.

10. “Yes Indeed” – Lil Baby ft. Drake

This time the American Rapper Lil Baby chose to perform with Drake and produced “Yes Indeed” for his debut hip hop album “Harder Than Ever”. The rapper premiered his second single sol himself in April 2018 at the Empire Lounge of Atlanta. In addition to aforementioned new hip hop songs, “Yes Indeed” bravely sustained its position at different ranking in diverse music charts around the world.

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