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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Today’s Best Hits Revealed

Which songs are your favorites that also make today’s hits to cherish. Ariana Grande, Zubin and Zara are just a few of the biggest stars of the year. Every week, a range of new songs and beats make their way onto the top charts as they are catchy, fun, and have an attraction that resounds with listeners.
This article groups a set of today's hits that quickly smashed almost all dancing floors in local clubs and roared really louder on every radio station. We aim to keep you updated on what is emerging hot on music and help you discover what is expected to be hot trend in coming days. While some of them are not classic rock or jazz, they are the top songs that I love to classify as today’s hits for you.

“Thank You” - Ariana Grande

Today’s hits cannot be completed without including Ariana Grande’s “Thank you”, in which she reminds us once again that she is the saint of light and grace. The singer does not blend anything about her recent heartbreak incident as most media persons might expect. Instead, she believes that life must go one whether you like it or not. Accordingly, she lets things go its way. Her “Thank You” is about love, gratitude, honesty, forgiveness, acceptance, and progress. The singer not only gives her fans a conniption when she confirms that she has found someone new but also reveals that she has started loving herself and so, does not care.

“Without Me” – Halsey

This is a beautiful title song from Halsey’s new album “Without Me”. The singer ensures the genuineness, showing real emotions on her latest rhythmic, sleek, and beautiful urban pop song. She focuses on the relationships which are important in her life, carrying all the weight by herself. The lyrics of “Without Me” elevate Halsey’s man to the heavens and ask him to let everything get out of his head as the singer herself is ready to forget what has passed by so far. All in all, “Without Me” is a semi-romantic and breakup solo where the singer appears to be on the top of her emotions, delivering a potent vocal performance.

“Ruin My Life” – Zara Larsson

“Ruin my life” is perhaps the most remarkable song from today’s hits that has been raved since its release. And why not, it successfully marks Zara Larsson’s return with huge success, giving her fans a taste of dizzying pop. The song reveals how an unhealthy relationship can pinch you throughout your life as Zara says though it’s something she is passionate about, it is a kind of toxic too which is running her life.

“Stay Down” – Zubin

Today’s hits bring another voice that will make you think about what kind of bad scene happened to the singer. Yes, we are talking about Zubin who through his latest solo “Stay Down” demonstrates a kind of quiver that does not come from anything good. Taken from his new album “Heavy Down Pour”, it’s a sad track which is composed by Suicide-year and Nedarb and seems like an unfamiliar show. Despite this, Zubin doesn’t sink into its fluff and cuts through the sound with his sweet voice, accepting the challenge. All in all, “Stay Down” is a beautiful breakup song which might come up something you identify in your love life.

“Don’t Come Out the House” - Metro Boomin”

The song showcases Metro Boomin’s most savage behavior as he intensifies the horror of some of the most deadly stories. “Don’t come out the house” is a haunting chemistry that comes up with upcoming Halloween celebration through “Without Warning” of Offset. The song also features Savage who together with Metro brings the chills with half-whispered lyrics and spook-filled creation, awakening the corpses from past bodies. It might be the first song from today’s hits that is not only thrilling one but also has unfurling beats and genuinely penetrating lyrics.

“Party for One” – Carly Rae Jepsen

The latest song from Carly Rae Jepsen feels like a daydream for celebration which is likely to be joined by a small yet aggressively voiced group of followers. Lyrics reveal the way those fans will express their joy which is going to be like loud yells, screams, and shrieks. Since this kind of celebration is going to drown out, the singer with her “Party for One” wants her listeners to feel striking. In today’s hits, “Party for One” is a simple breakup song which is jubilant at the same time as there will be lots of time to dance with your partner. With a perfect blend of composition and lyrics, the song from our list of today’s hits reveals some of Carly’s hidden emotions.

“Fight or Flight” – Celine Gillain

Emerging as the first solo track from Brussels based artist’s new album “Bad Woman”, “Fight or Flight” is a pop song at its foulest. The singer has spent an amount of about six minutes veiling her personality in deeply partial pitched down vocals and mysterious, split lyrics. “Fight or Flight” from today’s hits also shows Celine doing an opera singer with warm-ups in her restroom or maybe like a wicked character lucking in the shadows in a gumshoe novel.

“Death in Midsummer” – Deerhunter

In our collection of today’s hits, we have Deerhunter’s “Death in Midsummer” that has successfully reprieved them from their bad times. It is an opening song of their new album “Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared” which is actually a solo too. The lyrics seem to be moving into spiritual descriptions that might make the song being mistaken for a moment as a humble cassette. However, it actually bulks up into a familiar anthem of the band that is not difficult to imagine billowing over hot festival grounds.

“Freelance” - Toro Y Moi

After his last year’s release Boo Boo, the singer evolves his signature funky beats by taking it down a soft touch with “Freelance”. Taken from Toro Y Moi’s new album “Outer Peace”, this song gets an entry into out collection of today’s hits wherein the singer seems to be reverting to the electro dance experiments from his previous hits. “Freelance” is a perfect pivot toward dance floor which takes the difficult responsibilities of the commercial world to take over patent groove.

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