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Friday, January 9, 2015

From Air Guitar to Bono - Here’s why to Learn Guitar

According to scientists in Cambridge University, playing air guitar and singing in the shower is an integral part of the creative process for musicians. The boffins have claimed that performing these acts opens up the creative imagination.

While, an orthopaedic surgeon has claimed recently that Bono playing guitar could be the best remedy for his ills in wake of his bike crash.

So, with all of this positive news, here’s why we think you or your kids should learn to play guitar.


Learning how to play any musical instrument is a challenging and exciting journey. As one of the most familiar and recognisable musical sounds, the guitar has influenced and shaped the music industry. Often played as a solo instrument, it tends to be the first port of call for those looking to learn how to play a musical instrument.

The sound is made by simply strumming or plucking the guitar’s strings, that vary in number from 4 to 18 depending on the type of instrument you choose to play.  Whether your goal is to join a band or simply acquire a new skill, learning how to play any instrument can be both rewarding and self-fulfilling.

There are lots of things that you need to take into consideration before choosing to learn how to play the guitar according to First Tutors. From selecting the best guitar and equipment to booking guitar lessons with a teacher who will help you to develop the skills and techniques you need to become a confident and accomplished musician.

Learning how to play the guitar can be a great experience as there is no better feeling than expressing yourself through music. Whether you have ambitions to become a professional musician or you simply want to throw your self into a new hobby, learning how to play the guitar will open up many opportunities and doors both socially, personally and professionally.

Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

Choosing whether to learn how to play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar or even both comes down to personal choice and preference. Although similar in many ways, they project very different sounds and it is important that you understand the differences.

The acoustic guitar is a cheaper solution compared to the electric guitar. However, if you opt for a cheap version in fear that you may not enjoy playing the guitar, this increases your chances of quitting so quality should be at the forefront of your mind when choosing an instrument.

It’s also important that you are committed and remain motivated to master the techniques required - this will not happen overnight so persevere. Make sure that you invest in a guitar that is the right size for your height and frame, if not, this will impact on your progression and enjoyment.

Once you have selected the right guitar for you, learning how to play it will also allow you to play and explore other instruments in the same musical family such as the Banjo, Harp, Mandolin, Dulcimer and Bass Guitar.

Guitar Lessons

Despite there being a number of online tutorials demonstrating how to play the guitar, these should not be a substitute for enlisting the help of a professional guitar teacher, who will help you to hone your skills and develop the techniques and skills needed to become an accomplished musician.

Investing in guitar lessons with a reputable company or teacher will allow you to become an accomplished player in no time. One to one guidance and support when it comes to learning how to play any musical instrument is invaluable, as it will allow you to move forward at your own pace. Everyone also has different learning abilities and styles, so it’s important to book guitar lessons with a teacher that you feel comfortable with.

Most guitar teachers will provide you with guidance and help when it comes to buying your next guitar, ensuring that you choose the best equipment on the market whilst making sure that you grow as a musician.

Investing in guitar lessons will also allow you to progress and accomplish your personal musical desires far quicker, giving you the confidence to develop the techniques needed to become a successful musician.

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