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Friday, January 9, 2015

Katy Perry Gets in Touch with Psychic Christopher Golden

Even stars like Katy Perry need advice in important matters and being a psychic enthusiast, our beautiful singer has sought the assistance of none other than psychic Christopher Golden. He is a renowned psychic who provides his services to numerous celebrities and stars, but doesn’t brag about them in the media. Whether they are interviews or articles, he is very discreet and doesn’t mention any names. As a matter of fact, last year, there were rumors circling around that psychic Christopher Golden had advised Hilary Duff to divorce her husband. Even though he didn’t mention that she wasn’t his client, he tweeted that he hadn’t caused the divorce.

It was reported that BFFs Rihanna and Katy Perry habitually used psychics for finding true love, avoiding bad choices in relationships, seeing around corners and even for career purposes. Nancy Stevens was one of the psychic that most celebrities and stars consulted for advice, but in recent years, the name of Christopher Golden has also joined the list of psychics for stars and he is also referred to as Psychic 90210 as an indication that he provides services to the elite. Charging $1200, he is not interested in getting any publicity for what he does.

The only fact that he has actually mentioned about his clients is that most of them come to him for dealing with everyday problems rather than those that plague the famous and rich. In a couple of articles, the business aspects of psychic readings had been discussed by Golden. He explained the reason behind celebrities’ use of psychics for seeing their future, but he didn’t give any names. As per rumors, there are some notable celebrities that use Golden’s services including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Hilary Duff, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Anniston, George Clooney, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Ozzy Osborne.

However, none of these names are listed on Christopher Golden’s website. He has advertised himself as a love psychic who knows how to aid couples in patching up things if they have broken up. Rihanna had mentioned in public that she had sought the services of a psychic for getting over her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna had said that it was immensely difficult for her to come across her ex as she still had feelings for him. Psychic Christopher Golden is known to assist people who have difficulty in moving on after a breakup.

Maybe it really does cost 1200 bucks to get Psychic 90210 to help you in moving on, but it cannot be said as to how much of this is based on reality. According to reports, he had been counseling more than one of the stars on Beverly Hills Housewives, but hadn’t appeared on the show because he wished to maintain his anonymity. Most of the psychics would jump at this opportunity though so it is rather surprising. Even when he was contacted to ask about his services to Katy Perry in regard to her love life, he refused to say anything about this matter.

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