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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Cercle Announces Launch Of Immersive Touring Show For 2025

Based in Paris, Cercle announced its plans for 2025; a touring show called Cercle Odyssey. The production company is known for putting on livestream DJ sets. 

Most importantly, it does so in far-flung locations. The new show will deliver an immersive experience through a 360-degree panorama projection. 

The show

Several massive screens will be used in the set-up to envelop the audience. The screens will boast high-definition footage that will synchronize with the music.

They will measure about 180 feet long and 40 feet high. Artists and music of all genres will be featured in the show.

The company further added that they will announce cities, artists, and dates in the coming months. Director Neels Castillon, based in Paris, will oversee Circle Odyssey videos.

He is the co-founder of the creative studio Motion Palace, which produces original content for culture, brands, and the arts. 

The videos will focus on beauty, nature, and humanity and on the theme of returning home, taking inspiration from the story of Homer’s Odyssey.

Sustainable operation 

Sustainability is another key priority for Cercle Odyssey due to which all of the projection, lighting and sound equipment used in each performance will be rented locally. 

This is true for every city where there will be a performance. According to the company, rather than using traditional LED screens, they will use 29 state-of-the-art projectors to illuminate the scenography.

Therefore, they will not have to transport a large number of LED screens, which will help in reducing the carbon emissions of moving the show.

Furthermore, guests will not be allowed to use phones inside the performances. Instead, they will be provided filmed content of the performance they attend.

Derek Barbolla, the creative director of Cercle, said that the company’s aim is to provide unique stages to unique artists. 

He added that their videos had reached one billion views and they had realized that a lot of people want to have the Cercle experience.

However, it is not feasible for everyone to travel to the top of a mountain, or visit Egypt, considering where they hold their events.

Therefore, they have decided to launch the Cercle Odyssey. This will help the company continue with its heritage site events and also ensure accessibility for people.

The background

Cercle was first launched back in 2016 and the production company has conducted 240 events in global locations.

These include the Eiffel Tower, a Bolivian salt flat, almost 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and even a peak in the Alps. Hence, its events have generated a lot of intrigue.

Some of the artists who have participated in the events Cercle has produced include Hot Since 82, Above & Beyond, Peggy Gou, Disclosure, Amelie Lens, and Carlita, amongst others.

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