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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Halsey Confirms Lupus And Rare T-Cell Diagnosis

On Tuesday, Halsey released ‘The End’, a new emotional song, for her audience. They also took to Instagram to share that they were lucky to be alive.

A day later, the artist decided to shed some light on the details. They said that they had been diagnosed with a rare T-Cell disorder and Lupus.

The disclosure

Halsey began the post with a long caption in which they thanked the fans for showing their support for the new song. 

Before disclosing their diagnosis, they said that they had not shared the news for a long time and had been unsure about how much to share.

However, they had changed their mind because people had been very kind. Halsey said that the Lupus SLE diagnosis was made in 2022. 

Then they were diagnosed with a rare T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder. They said that the diseases were either in remission or being managed.

It is likely that Halsey would have to live with the two diseases for life. The Grammy-nominated artist shared that initially, things had been ‘rocky’.

However, they managed to get things under control with the help of their doctors. The singer stated that they were feeling better after 2 years.

Halsey also said that they were grateful to have music and were ready to get back to it and start singing once more.

The diseases

The National Institutes of Health has said that diseases where the production of lymphocytes is uncontrolled are known as lymphoproliferative disorders (LPD).

This production can cause lymphadenopathy, monoclonal lymphocytosis, and bone marrow infiltration. Those who have compromised immune systems suffer from this problem.

According to the National Cancer Institute, a lymphocyte is made in the bone marrow and this type of white blood cell is found in lymph tissue and blood. 

As far as the T type is concerned, it helps in destroying tumor cells and controlling immune responses. 

Health struggles

Halsey has been upfront about their health struggles previously as well. The artist had previously talked about their battle with endometriosis. 

In 2022, they also talked about their various diagnosis, including Sjogren’s syndrome, POTS, mast cell activation syndrome, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. 

On June 3rd, the singer also confirmed that they would soon launch their fifth album. Halsey posted a letter on the website to talk about it.

The artist said that the record would reveal a lot, but they wanted to share some of the story first. 

Therefore, they decided to share exactly why things matter before they released the singles and the albums.   

Earlier this week, the singer had given hints about the diagnosis in a social media post but has now confirmed it. The 29-year old also has a three-year old son named Ender.

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