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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Bruce Springsteen Postpones Four European Shows

Bruce Springsteen has called off several of his concerts, which were scheduled to take place in Milan, Prague, and Marseille.

Springsteen had been scheduled to perform in Marseille, France on Saturday, May 25th. But, on the same day, his performance was canceled.

He took to Instagram to say that the cancellation was due to ‘vocal issues’.

More postponement 

According to an update on his Instagram account, Springsteen was recuperating comfortably. However, it was announced that other tour dates were also being postponed.

The statement said that vocal issues were the reason that the concert in Marseille had to be postponed. However, doctors conducted further examinations. 

They had come to the conclusion that the singer would not be able to perform for the next 10 days. Therefore, they would postpone additional concerts.

This included the concert at Airport Letnany in Prague, which had been scheduled to take place on May 28th.

Likewise, the concert in Milan at the San Siro Stadium on June 1st and June 3rd will also be postponed. The update stated that they would announce new dates.

However, it was mentioned that ticket holders who want a refund can go to their original point of purchase to do so.

Earlier issues

Springsteen and the E Band relaunched their world tour in March after a break of six months. This was the singer was battling with peptic ulcer disease. 

The rock icon had been worried about not being able to perform live again. In an interview, he said that his diaphragm had been hurting and it made singing extremely painful. 

He had found it impossible to sing, which continued for two to three months. Plus, he had also faced a number of other painful problems.

Additional details

The singer said that while dealing with it, he had been told that everything would turn out fine. He said that people were aware of what he was thinking.

Springsteen added that singing is one of the things he loves the most and he had not been able to do it. It had taken doctors some time to tell him that he would be okay.

He stated that nobody had said that to him right away and this had made him nervous. But, he had found some great doctors eventually and they had straightened everything out.

He also expressed his gratitude for everything the doctors had done for him. The latest update also mentioned that the E Street Band and Springsteen would resume their stadium tour on June 12th.

They are scheduled to perform in Madrid on that date. They have two more concerts in Madrid, on June 14th and June 17th, respectively. 

Next, they are scheduled to perform in Barcelona on June 20th and June 22nd. On June 27th and June 29th, they will perform in the Netherlands.

The tour will come to an end in November this year, with the last performance scheduled to take place in Vancouver, BC.

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