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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Jeff Chang Beginning Another Chapter With ‘Continuum’ Tour

Jeff Chang’s inaugural major concert was held on June 2nd, 1998 on the Chinese mainland. The concert was appropriately titled ‘Dream Come True’ and was held at the Shanghai Indoor Stadium.

He could not have foreseen that he would do a concert at the Shanghai Stadium 26 years later. This year, Chang will perform in front of a crowd of 80,000 his ‘Continuum’ ultimate edition.

The ‘Continuum’ ultimate edition

The debut of the ‘Continuum’ ultimate edition in Shanghai was back in April. The six-year ‘Continuum’ tour has generated a great deal of acclaim.

This is because it transitioned from version 1.0 to 2.0 and will now move on to the ultimate edition. However, Jeff Chang admitted that he does feel a sense of ‘powerlessness’.

He stated that even though their tour last year had been a success, there had been criticism. Some said that their performance was not in accordance with their generation of singers.

It is because classic concepts are considered relics of the past by some and regarded as only useful for evoking nostalgia.

It was due to this perspective that Jeff Chang decided to do the ‘Continuum’ concerts. He said that he wants the audience to develop a mature appreciation of music.

His goal is to challenge the perceptions that have already been established.    

The journey

The physical distance between the Shanghai Stadium and Shanghai Indoor Stadium is about 100 meters. But, for Jeff Chang, it is a 26-year odyssey.

He said that it had taken him 26 years to cover the distance, which highlights his dedication to music. He also added that it had been the cornerstone of his endeavors in the last 35 years.

The ‘Continuum’ ultimate edition concert will begin with ‘Faith’. It was a smash hit in 2000, as it showcases Jeff Chang’s unwavering passion for music.

It is likely Jeff Chang’s steadfast belief in music that draws his fans to ‘Continuum’ concerts. The soul-stirring power in his voice highlights the vitality of life.


Jeff Chang said that since he has been around for some time, his audience has become familiar with his music. 

He said that his aspirations were to ensure that his growth and music journey kept up with the progress of his fans. 

He added that the goal of the Continuum concerts is to show that his music is not just for nostalgia, but can embark on a new future. 

He revealed that there is a message they wish to convey via every segment of the ‘Continuum’ concert. Jeff Chang said that they had selected songs carefully.

Therefore, even if they were not hits, they are songs that have played a significant role in his career. He shared that his goal is to impart musical knowledge, concepts, and insights. 

The term ultimate implies that the six-year tour of ‘Continuum’ is finally coming to its end. Jeff Chang said that he had other musical endeavors, so a stage-wise ending is appropriate.

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