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Monday, February 12, 2024

Stolen Guitar Belonging To Sir Paul McCartney Recovered

In recent news, Paul McCartney’s prized guitar, which was stolen five decades ago, has been finally returned to him.

The legend of the Beatles has once again been united with his long-lost bass guitar after more than five decades.

Back in 2018, he began a quest to locate the prized instrument, which he strongly believed to have been stolen.

This was around the time the group had recorded its 1969 hit song, Let It Be, in the studio.

Soon after the search began, it turned into a large event, kickstarted by the guitar manufacturer and the husband-and-wide journalist duo.

It also turned into a crowdsourcing effort where people began to personally get invested and earned the name The Lost Bass Project.

However, what seemed like wasted efforts back then finally bore fruit for the legendary musician. After half a century, the guitar has been found. 

A post on Paul’s website revealed that his 1961 Hofner 500/1 bass guitar, which had reportedly been stolen in 1972, has now been returned to him.

The guitar had been personally authenticated by Hofner, and Paul had taken it to thank everyone who helped him search for his beloved possession.

The hunt came to an end after Ian Horne, sound engineer, got in touch with The Lost Bass Project, explaining that the instrument had been stolen in 1972 from his van in London.

Right after The Lost Bass Project posted this new tip, an email was sent from an unknown person who claimed that their father had stolen the guitar.

The person went on to say that their father did not have any idea how valuable it was and to whom it belonged. 

Consequently, the thief had swapped the prized possession back then in exchange for a few pounds and a couple of beers.

The daughter-in-law of the person who had gotten the guitar after paying in beers and cash contacted the project to inform them that the guitar had been sitting in her attic for a couple of years.

As a result of these tips and consequent contact from the family of the buyer, the mystery of the stolen guitar was solved. 

In other news, Taylor Swift has made a sizable donation to the family of the DJ who was killed at the Super Bowl Parade.

The singer gave $100,000 to the GoFundMe that had been started for the support of the family of the now-deceased radio DJ, Lisa Lopez-Galvan. 

The DJ lost her life after being fatally shot during a mass shooting, which took place at the victory parade of the Kansas City Chiefs.

A memorial page was also set up for the family to raise around $75,000. But when the musician heard of the fundraising efforts, she paid the entire amount and then some for the grieving family. 

She also took to social media to extend her condolences and sympathies. 

As of now, Taylor is dating Travis Kelce, who happens to be one of the players of the Kansas City Chiefs.

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