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Monday, February 12, 2024

Beyonce To Possibly Collaborate With Taylor Swift

In recent news, Killah B, popularly known for being a producer to Beyonce, has teased an upcoming collaboration of the stars.

He has hinted that the legendary musician may be working on a new track with Taylor Swift, which will be dropped soon.

Killah B has co-written and also produced the singer’s latest drop, titled Texas Hold ‘Em.

He recently appeared in an interview with TMZ and was coy about what fans can expect from Beyonce after her track release.

He discussed the album a bit, and while he did not admit to it, he did not deny that the Crazy In Love singer may be working with Taylor.

It is a well-known fact that the two are good friends, but fans are still in the dark about whether the two most famous women are in the studio together. 

The interviewer asked Killah B if Beyonce has made any plans to include guest artists on her upcoming album.

While he did not give too many details, the producer said that the new album is likely to shock the world as that is what the singer is aiming for.

It is no secret that Taylor has roots in country music, and the upcoming album from the legendary singer has been dubbed to be country.

Consequently, fans have theorized that a collaborative track between the two women would not be a reach and make musical sense as well.

During the Super Bowl, Beyonce took to releasing two of her newest singles, titled Texas Hold ‘Em and 16 Carriages.

Soon after, she announced the second album that will be her part of the Renaissance trilogy, titled Act II.

The new album is going to be released on the 29th of March, and fans across the globe are anticipating its drop. 

In other news, Jessie J has taken a stand for herself against people trolling her on the internet for the way she looked. 

The 35-year-old hitmaker from England has clapped back at social media users who have been telling her that she looks older.

In her words, it seems funny to her when people say that she has aged or does not look like she used to.

The singer made a post on Instagram Stories stipulating that she looks older because she is aging like normal human beings do.

According to her, she cannot understand why people think that performers or celebrities in the public eye would not age the same as everyone else. 

The musician stated that she dislikes that people hold this weird belief that women in media should not or should not grow old.

The star took this moment to reflect upon why she left her record label, implying that the relevant personnel there also had an issue with her growing older. 

In the post, Jessie further noted that she has not had any cosmetic procedures or gone under the knife for anything.

The Price Tag singer stipulated that she has not even had Botox, which would make her younger and would prevent all these comments.

Instead, she has taken to embrace the natural aging process but does not understand why people have not.

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