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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Pharrell Williams Teases A Song With Miley Cyrus

In recent news, Pharrell Williams has teased that he is soon going to be releasing a track alongside Miley Cyrus. 

The songwriter took to Instagram to release a snippet of the collaboration between the two but has not yet provided an official date for its release.

As per sources, the track is believed to be titled Doctor. It includes Miley singing several lyrics related to healing someone and understanding their problems.

The track was first heard in the previous month during the presentation of the Fall-Winter 2024 Collection of Men by Luis Vuitton in Paris.

It is believed that the song was once a throwaway from the 2013 album released by Miley, titled Bangerz.

However, this version of the song is a collaboration between Pharrell and the Hannah Montana star, with the previous song being rewritten and recorded once again. 

Where the production of the track is concerned, it has been revealed that Pharrell has shown faith in it himself.

In other news, Kelly Rowland has taken to shut down any queries regarding her former bandmate, Beyonce, in a recent interview on the radio.

The Stole singer was invited to be on The Big Tigger Morning Show alongside Jazzy McBee for the promotion of her new movie, titled Mea Culpa.

There were various attempts to discuss the country songs released by her longtime friend, but the actress was determined to keep the interview focused on her movie. 

The host prompted the musician, saying that her friend had dropped an entire album of country songs as part of Renaissance II.

Big Tigger further probed about what the third album would look like and whether it would be rock-based or the singer would explore a different genre.

At this, Kelly made sure to stipulate that this was not her business and she would not be revealing any details. She made her statement lighthearted by adding a wink.

However, Jazzy McBee continued to push Kelly, acknowledging that the actress must be tired of being asked questions about Beyonce.

However, she added that she was excited to see a reunion of Destiny Child and recalled how happy she was when Beyonce and Kelly posted a picture together.

Thus, Jazzy stated, it becomes difficult not to be excited every time Kelly appears for an interview and asks her this question. 

However, Kelly did not divulge any details and continued to add that she was going to be discussing Mea Culpa, which is all set for its release on the 23rd of February.

In a different interview taken on the same day, the former star of Destiny’s Child refused to address any reports of her walking off the Today Show in the previous week due to her being unhappy with her dressing room. 

She was also asked if she would like to explain the drama, but Kelly persisted that she was only interested in talking about her movie.

In her words, she was not going to indulge in any gossip or discuss the new works of her friends as it was none of her business.

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