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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Charli XCX Hints At New Dance Record

In recent news, Charli XCX has left several hints that her forthcoming album is likely to have many dance songs on it.

The singer and songwriter revealed that she had previewed her new song, titled Von Dutch. She took to positing a 20-second snippet of the same on social media.

She further disclosed that her upcoming sixth album had been created in a way that has allowed her to get back in touch with her dance roots.

According to the 31-year-old, she believes that she was born to create dance music, and this is what she has always wanted to make. 

The singer released her last album in 2022, which was titled Crash. Moreover, she recently staged a performance at Boiler Room, where she took to playing the upcoming song, Von Dutch and previewed a number of her other tracks,

It was revealed that one of the other tracks that she previewed at the event is a tribute to producer and DJ SOPHIE, who passed away in 2021.

The DJ had been a good friend of the musicians and had been only 34 when she passed away after a tragic accident in Athens.

Charli took to talking about the tribute, saying that she was in awe of the producer and DJ and had always wanted to impress her.

In her words, the 31-year-old said that she did not believe in herself, but her now-deceased friend was always encouraging her to go after her dreams.

Charli stated that she had always believed that she would not be able to function in the world outside of the studio, which was a safe space for her.

Consequently, it was this safe space that allowed her to forge a bond with SOPHIE over their careers and several other things. 

According to the singer and songwriter, she always felt that she was not magical enough to be friends with the DJ. And she feels ashamed thinking about all of that now, especially since her friend is gone. 

In other news, Calvin Harris has said that he plans on quitting his job as a DJ when he hits the age of 50.

The prolific DJ and producer just turned 40 years old in January and has disclosed that he plans on stopping in 10 years.

In his words, he will only focus on making music until he reaches his next milestone age. He added that he cannot see himself DJing once he hits 50 and wants to stay out of the spotlight when that happens. 

He revealed that once he steps away from the spotlight, he will only be spending time in the studio and making tunes, much like a ghost producer. 

According to the artist, a majority of his talent lies in making music, and he believes he can make other people’s tracks sound different. 

Thus, he plans on changing his career a little bit when he hits 50 but does not want to completely walk away from the music industry.

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