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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Justin Timberlake Cancels Free Concert In London

In recent news, Justin Timberlake has canceled his free concert in London. The reason behind the sudden cancelation was given to be illness.

The singer made an announcement in the previous week that he would be holding a show, which will be free for all those who want to attend it, in the city of London.

However, the show has now been canceled by the star himself. He took to his Instagram Stories to explain how disappointed he was to have done this.

According to the musician, he felt gutted at having to cancel his show since he was looking forward to it. 

He revealed that he could not carry on and perform, despite how much he wanted to, because of a sudden bug that he had contracted.

The 43-year-old made a video of himself, saying that he had to make this unfortunate clip to let people know that he would not be performing as promised.

In the video, Justin’s voice is scratchy, which he refers to and says that it is obvious that he will be unable to make it to the concert. 

The Cry Me A River singer went on to tell fans that he had been in the city for the past week and was excited to perform Roundhouse for all eager fans.

However, he was let down. The musician disclosed that he had thought he was getting better, but things had taken a turn for the worse.

He stated that he had woken up on the morning of the cancelation and felt worse than he had before. 

The star went on to tell his fans to be safe and not contract this painful flu. He further added that he will be making it up to the people of London at a later date. 

Just last week, Justin made an announcement revealing that he had made sure to add a couple of European and UK dates to his most recent trek, The Forget Tomorrow World Tour.

It is all set to kick off on the 29th of April, with the new UK dates kicking off on the 7th of August. 

The musician will then proceed to Manchester on the 8th of August before going to London on the 11th of August. 

The former frontman of NSYNC just put out Drown, which is the second single from his upcoming album, Everything I Thought It Was. 

In other news, Taylor Swift had to delay one of her concerts, which was being held in Sydney, Australia, due to a storm in the city.

As a result, the entire venue had to be evacuated. Consequently, the concert began later than it was supposed to at the Accor Stadium.

Before the show kicked off, fans who had been seated on the lower bowl levels and the floor were asked to move indoors after lightning struck just 10 kilometers from the venue.

Shortly before the concert was scheduled to start, the stadium gave a statement revealing the delay.

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