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Friday, February 16, 2024

Paris Hilton Feels Blessed On Her Birthday

In recent news, Paris Hilton has revealed that she has been feeling blessed following her birthday celebrations.

The hotel heiress has just turned 43 and marked her special day with celebrations over the weekend.

She took to posting on social media accounts later on and shared her favorite memories from the previous year.

In her words, she has had a sparkling year, which she stipulated alongside a series of pictures of herself.

In her words, the 43-year-old added that she is grateful for every lesson that she has learnt in thus year.

Paris took to posting a couple of snaps of herself launching her own cookware line, being a 

DJ at a festival, and posing in front of a huge billboard in Times Square in New York City, which has an image of her. 

She also took to posting a couple of pictures of her family, adding that she is happy to be among the people who love her. 

Paris has also revealed that she feels thankful for all the people in her life and paid a special tribute to Carter Reum, her husband, for whom she is the most grateful.

She further included her newborn daughter, London, and her son, Phoenix, in the list of the people she cherishes and loves.

According to Paris, she has enjoyed a lot over the past year, especially her wife and motherhood duties. She reminisced about having girl boss moments as well, saying that her 42 was the most iconic year up until now.

Nicky Hilton Rothschild also took to Instagram to celebrate her sister turning 43 years old on her birthday.

She went on to talk about the special bond that she shares with Paris and posted a couple of pictures alongside the wish to share the moment.

Nicky referred to her sister as her partner in crime through numerous adventures and epic moments. She further added how grateful she is to be experiencing motherhood alongside her cherished sibling.

According to Paris’s sister, she sees the hotel heiress as more than just her sister. She believes that the 43-year-old is her best friend and an iconic presence in her life.

Paris further revealed that she was going to be heading on a special birthday trip with her loved ones and family.

She posted a video on Instagram, which showed her husband lifting up her son and asking him if he was excited to be going on a trip for his mother’s birthday. 

In other news, Taylor Swift has decided to change one of the longstanding rules that was a part of her concert. 

The Welcome To New York singer made this announcement to an unsuspecting crowd while performing in Melbourne, Australia.

It is a well-known fact that the star does not repeat her surprise acoustic tracks from one concert in the next.

However, she has now made a significant change and added that she is not going to limit herself and her creativity anymore.

According to the musician, she does not want to be bound by the rule that if she has performed one song already, she cannot perform it again.

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