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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Sabrina Carpenter Talks About Being Bullied

In recent news, Sabrina Carpenter has revealed that she was bullied due to her musical ambitions when she was young. 

She recently had a conversation with Maya Hawke, in which the 24-year-old discussed that she had a difficult time back in school.

According to the singer, it is ironic that she was bullied for her passion for singing, but that did not deter her.

In her words, she had big dreams when she was a child, and it ended up working out for her eventually. 

The Nonsense musician went on to explain how she just felt safer after she left school and started being taught at home.

The hitmaker further revealed that though she did well when she was going to public school, homeschooling was just better for her.

Sabrina’s parents had enrolled her in online school at a young age, which allowed her to leave the toxic circles from her school behind. 

The star expressed how grateful she is for being able to study at home and not go to school where she was bullied. 

On the other hand, Maya, the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, added that her childhood experience had been quite different from that of Sabrina’s.

She revealed that perhaps since both her parents were child actors, it was quite important for them not to homeschool her.

The 25-year-old disclosed that when she was a teenager, she would cry and scream at her parents, asking for permission to work, but they refused.

Consequently, the Stranger Things star graduated high school eventually and went on to study for a year at drama school.

She began acting when she was 19 years old but revealed that she would always feel a little jealous of people who were able to get a head start.

Sabrina further discussed that she was able to gain recognition after landing a role in Girl Meets World, which was a series on the Disney Channel back in 2013.

She went on to break into the music industry with a debut single, as well as an EP, Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying.

In other news, Kesha has opened up about how she is still not free to put out new music for her fans and is being held back. 

The 36-year-old is no longer a part of Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe, which is distributed courtesy of RCA Records.

She left the record label back in December after growing tired of her long-running battle with the producer came to an end.

As of now, she is pretty excited to be working on her new music and starting a fresh chapter, Kesha revealed that she is counting down the days when fans will be able to listen to her new work. 

A gag order is currently preventing the musician from putting out new songs, but she disclosed that she has marked the day on the calendar when she will be free to share her music with the world once again. 

The star assured fans that she is doing well and feels empowered at the moment, which has allowed her to feel like herself again.

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