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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Kim Petras Reveals She Is Working On A New Project

In recent news, Kim Petras has revealed that she is working on a new musical project and will be putting it out soon.

After releasing two of her biggest albums in the previous year, namely, Problematique and Feed The Beast, the Unholy hitmaker discussed her upcoming career moves. 

In her words, the singer added that she is currently in her experimenting phase. She thinks that this is the right time to be working on a new persona, following the work of her alter-egos in the past.

These include Failed Artist Kim, LA Kim, Sociopathic Killer Kim, Strip Club Hottie Kim, French Language Kim, and various others.

According to Kim, there is a lot of depth to her that she wants to express but has not done so up until now. 

She went on to add that she would soon be allowing her burgeoning alter-ego to make an appearance in one of her songs.

While Kim did not reveal any specific related to her upcoming project, she revealed that it would be an insight into some of the darker moments of her life.

The German singer elaborated that as a child, she felt quite hopeless and inferior. According to her, she never felt like she fit into society, and her identity was continuously discussed by others.

The musician further disclosed that she had to deal with numerous things that people typically do not have to experience during their childhood.

Consequently, the star said that she began to see the beauty in the darkness, which is why her future project will be about it. 

The 31-year-old added that she also suffered various personal breakthroughs during a certain time period of time. Thus, it became quite easy for her to talk about things that she did not use to as a trans teenager.

Kim said that she would often wonder if people found her attractive when she was a teenager. However, people would tell her that she is a freak and weird simply due to her being trans. 

In other news, Pink stopped one of her most recent concerts when a fan in the audience went into labor as the performance ensured.

The singer had been performing a ballad during one of her shows in Sydney when she looked out into the crowd and saw that one of her fans was undergoing labor.

Consequently, a swarm of people were trying to help escort her outside. This prompted the musician to joke and ask if she was having a boy or a girl.

However, she held herself back and asked people to give the woman some privacy as she made her way outside the venue. 

The pause in the performance came right after the star sang one of her ballads, Our Song. She teased that this was the song that induced the woman’s labor.

Once the pregnant woman was safely escorted from the arena, the hitmaker went on with her show.

A while later, she also brought her 12-year-old daughter, Willow, onto the stage to sing Cover Me In Sunshine.

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