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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Mel B Purchases Her Own House After Split

In recent news, Mel B has revealed that she bought her own house right after the split with her former husband, Stephen Belafonte, leaving her finances in a miserable condition.

The musician revealed this news by posting a picture of her keys on the social media platform Instagram and discussing her journey toward financial independence.

The singer added that she is feeling pretty overwhelmed at the moment, especially since she worked hard to get here.

The 48-year-old disclosed that she is feeling proud because she worked hard to earn the money that got her here. 

According to the star, it has taken her five years to earn enough money to be able to do this, given that she was left with nothing in her bank account in 2019.

Mel revealed that all her earnings from the Spice Girls tour were spent on lawyers and court fees due to her split with her husband.

She expressed anger at the fact that her husband would not stop sucking her finances dry and kept demanding more from her.

Thus, she had to shift to her mother’s bungalow along with the rest of her belongings, like dogs and kids. 

In her words, it felt unfair to be moving from the Wembley Stadium to her mom’s place. Consequently, it made her feel devastated and ugly. 

However, the singer said that she would not let a man destroy her financially, spiritually, and mentally, and decided to hold her strength. 

She went back to her mom’s place and saw it as a way of returning to her roots in Leeds.

Soon after the announcement, the star was congratulated by numerous fans from various locations, as well as her high-profile friends.

Dannii Minogue also took to telling the musician that she was happy for Mel and stating that she was proud of her for sharing her story.

The 48-year-old had been married to Stephen from 2007 to 2017. Together, the pair share a 12-year-old daughter, Madison. 

As of now, she has moved on and is currently engaged to Rory McPhee, who is a hairdresser. 

In other news, Usher has talked about how happy he is that his kids have given him notes ahead of his performance at halftime at the Super Bowl. 

During an appearance on The Talk, the 45-year-old disclosed that his children wanted him to be prepared for his show in Las Vegas.

The R&B icon also revealed that his 16-year-old, Usher Raymond, 15-year-old, Naviyd, three-year-old Sovereign, and two-year-old Sire would not be joining him on stage during his performance. 

However, he did add that they may be a part of his upcoming tour, but he has not thought to include him in the Super Bowl show. 

He disclosed that Naviyd has been the most excited about his upcoming show and has written several notes to him.

The Yeah! Singer was asked about what the notes say, to which he added that they are mainly suggestions on which songs he should include in his show and which ones he should remove.

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