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Monday, February 5, 2024

Pink Pantheress Opens Up About Hearing Loss

Just recently, the Pink Pantheress has decided to open up about the story behind her hearing loss. She revealed that the cause had been microphone feedback.

The singer canceled her performance back in June 2022, which had been scheduled to be held in Spain. 

The reason cited at the time had been partial hearing loss. Now, the musician has provided further insight into what had actually happened.

In her words, her hearing is not as good as it once was. She recalled that this had been caused due to a microphone being too close to one of the speakers on stage.

According to Pink Pantheress, she had been hearing an annoying ringing sound in her ears shortly after the incident.

Consequently, she believed that the noise would go away and that it was just something in her head. 

However, when it did not lessen after a while, the musician began to look for ear drops to help her feel better.

But as time passed, her hearing kept going downhill until she could not hear a lot of high-pitched sounds. 

According to the 22-year-old, her current hearing sounds as if someone took away her voice and removed all the high pitches.

In her words, she can only hear bass most of the time and has trouble listening to a wide range of sounds.

The singer, whose real name is Victoria Walker, also confirmed that the incident had an impact on her right ear, but her left ear has been unaffected.

In the month of March 2023, the Boy’s A Liar hitmaker took to talking to BBC News and admitted that she lost around 80% of hearing in one of her ears.

She went on to state the obvious, saying that making music has become more challenging since she finds it difficult to hear various sounds.

However, the star admitted that she has gone through her mourning phase and does not feel like dwelling on it anymore.

Pink Pantheress further explained that the deterioration took place gradually, during which time she continued to tell herself that she still had one ear that worked fine.

Consequently, she often finds herself trying to make herself understand that she needs to protect the other ear and not think about the one that has suffered.

In other news, Usher has revealed that he almost made the decision to quit the music industry and pursue a career in Hollywood.

The R’n’B superstar, who is all set to headline the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show, stated that there was a time when he was contemplating giving up his career.

The reason behind this doubt had been the singer’s inability to emulate the whopping success of his album from 2004, Confessions. 

He revealed that he had felt unhappy when he had been unable to come up with a successful record after 2024 and began to wonder if he was on the right track.

According to the star, he, fortunately, realized that music was what he loved making and that he could not walk away and become an actor.

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