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Friday, February 2, 2024

Killer Mike Leaves The Grammys In Handcuffs

In recent news, Killer Mike was escorted out of the Grammys in handcuffs, but only after he managed to snag three awards.

The rapper could be seen cheering and celebrating the three big honors at the event before chaos ensued.

Shortly after, the musician was removed from the venue and taken outside by a couple of police officers who had shown up.

Consequently, the star, real name Michael Santiago Render, could be seen walking out quietly of the Arena, located in Los Angeles, with his hands cuffed at his back. 

Chris Gardner, who works at The Hollywood Reporter, also gave a report about what was going on at the scene, saying that police officials had said that the musician would possibly be released later in the day or a couple of days later.

Moreover, the authorities did not make it clear at the scene what the rapper had been charged with and who had brought the charges against him. 

Later on, sources close to Killer Mike talked about the charges, saying that it was only a misdemeanor from prior.

It was further disclosed that the arrest had nothing to do with anything within the arena, nor had the musician committed any crime at the event. 

Earlier in the night, the artist had been given awards for all three of the categories for which he had been nominated.

This included Best Rape Performance and Best Rap Song for his popular song, Scientists and Engineers. The third honor had been for the Best Rap Album, which the musician snagged for Michael.

Michael is the sixth studio album released by Killer Mike, which was released back in the summer of 2023. 

In other news, Dua Lipa has revealed that she has been gaining insight into herself and self-reflecting in time for the release of her upcoming album.

The Dance The Night singer stated that she is working on releasing her third record album, which has not yet been titled.

But in her words, she is already proud of it, seeing how it is turning out. according to the musician, it is an ode to how much she has grown in the last couple of years. 

During her appearance on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards, the hitmaker revealed that the tracks she is singing are helping her understand herself better.

Furthermore, she expressed that she feels a newfound sense of freedom as an artist as well as a performer.

Consequently, Dua is digging deeper into herself as she works on her new album. 

Just last month, the 26-year-old revealed that she would be premiering Training Day, which is a song from the upcoming album, on the 15th of February. 

On that note, she started talking about the vibe that her song had, saying that it reminded her of her home in London.

She further added that she recorded the song back in the UK, and it reminds her never to leave the door open for people who just want to leave.

In her words, the song is about not teaching people how to love you right and that if they care about you, they know how they should treat you.

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