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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Alice Cooper Makes His Return With A New Radio Show

In recent news, Alice Cooper has made his return to radio with a new show titled Alice’s Attic. The pioneer of shock rock has used this opportunity to make his return to the airwaves. 

This comes as a shock since the star revealed no intentions of returning two years back when his long-running show, Nights With Alice Cooper, wrapped up. 

The Poison hitmaker has decided to join hands with Superadio to air the show, which is going to run from Monday to Thursday every week. 

Alice released a statement to announce his return, adding that he is happy to be back to radio for his ‘insane radio minions’. 

He went on to tell his fans that if they thought 20 years of Nights With Alice Cooper was weird, they were going to be freaked out by Alice’s Attic.

In his words, listeners were going to be wondering who was lurking in all the dusty old boxes in their attics.

According to the 76-year-old, the people behind this show are the same who organized Nights With Alice Cooper.

Consequently, he disclosed that fans were likely to find the new show familiar and much like the last one.

However, the rocker is hopeful about adding some creative elements to Alice’s Attic, which would prevent the show from losing its allure. 

While discussing the show, Alice further revealed that listeners are likely to get a curated mix of some obscure and classic rock, which would feature a future classic song on occasion.

Moreover, the 76-year-old will be discussing stories about the music he has made and the artists he has previously worked with.

As of now, people residing in Australia and the US can tune in. Meanwhile, the local stations in the UK and Canada are also setting up to air Alice’s Attic in the near future. 

In the last couple of years, back when his old show was on air, Alice took to interviewing various celebrities.

These included the likes of Joe Perry from Aerosmith, as well as his band, The Hollywood Vampires. Brian Johnson has also been a guest on Nights With Alice Cooper, from AC/DC.

Meat Load, Ozzy Osbourne, and Rob Zombie are some of the other celebrities who have made appearances on the rocker’s show. 

In other news, Chris Isaak has revealed that he will be beginning a trek in the UK in the near future.

The Wicked Game rocker is currently planning to make trips to Bournemouth, Birmingham, and London in August.

The purpose behind these visits will be to hold celebratory gigs and at least one show in each city he frequents. 

The singer announced this trek just ahead of the 30th anniversary of his popular album, Forever Blue, which was released back in 1995.

The Wicked Game song was released by the musician in 1989 and was also featured in Wild At Heart by David Lynch.

The track went on to gain popularity for various reasons, one of which was it being featured in a movie starring Nicolas Cage.

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