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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Ja Rule Not Permitted To Enter The UK

In recent news, Ja Rule will reportedly be unable to go through with his performance as planned in the UK on account of his past criminal record.

The Always On Time rapper took to X, which was formerly known as Twitter, to disclose that he was not being permitted to enter the country.

This news came only days before the star was all set to kick off his The Sunrise Tour and numerous fans were left disappointed.

The rapper went on to talk about how devastated he was by the decision made by the government of the UK to not let him enter.

He further added that he had spent more than half a million dollars of his own money in production to put this trek together and organize everything.

Consequently, he could not believe that he was being denied entry only a couple of days before he is all set to perform.

He called on the relevant authorities to take note of the unfairness of the situation, saying that the venues have managed to sell more than 85% of the tickets.

The 47-year-old ended his post by adding a couple of heartbreak and angry face emojis. 

Ja Rule, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, further explained to the fans that he was not being let into the country on account of his criminal record.

He revealed that the UK is one of the few countries in Europe which prevents entry to people who have criminal records.

Further elaborating, the singer explained that people are denied entry into the country if they have been convicted of a crime and received a sentence of 23 months or over.

However, this only applies if they have been convicted under British law. In addition, people who have spent 12 months or more in prison cannot set foot in the country either. 

The musician got out of jail in May of 2013, after having served two years. He had been imprisoned on charges of tax evasion and gun possession.

One user took to replying to the 47-year-old on his post on X, saying that he had been looking forward to the show.

On this note, the rapper stated that he had been excited to perform for his fans and was looking forward to seeing them.

In his words, the production that he had planned was going to be epic and the fans would have loved and appreciated every second of his performance.

When fans inquired about their payment back, the star made another post and added that ticketholders would be receiving refunds from his representatives and venues.

The UK leg of the rapper’s world tour had originally been scheduled for various cities across the country.

These included popular ones like London, Nottingham, Leeds, Cardiff, Birmingham, Dublin, Glasgow, Newcastle, Belfast, Liverpool, and more.

All the concerts were set to take place between the 1st and 17th of March with his trek continuing in other parts of the globe later.

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