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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Britney Spears Shares Her Injury Details After Hotel Incident

Britney Spears is unlikely to do any jumping or heavy dancing for the next couple of weeks. The star took to Instagram to tell her fans that she had twisted her ankle at a hotel in Los Angeles.

As a matter of fact, the incident saw an ambulance respond to the scene on May 2nd, Thursday and generated quite a lot of buzz.

The pop star also shared videos of her injury with her fans, which are certainly not appropriate for the squeamish.

In the clips, the skin around Spears’ ankle is visibly swollen and she also shared a close-up of the painful and dark bruises on her right foot.

The musicians told her followers that it was very bad. She disclosed that she had fallen while trying to do a leap in the living room.

She continued to share that paramedics had been called and this had resulted in a huge scene that was extremely unnecessary.

She stated that she had only needed ice and even if it was bad, things like that do happen. The pop star also added a photo of Matthew Rosengart, her lawyer.

He had also served as her lawyer in 2021 during her conservatorship termination case. She called him a wonderful man and a father figure.

She also gave him credit for helping her after the incident and expressed her fondness for him. The post came a couple of hours after Spears had confirmed that she had twisted her ankle.

She had been staying at the Chateau Marmont in LA when the incident occurred and an ambulance had been called.

Pictures from the scene showed the singer leaving the building barefoot, along with Paul Richard Soliz, who is rumored to be her boyfriend.

Later, the local fire department confirmed that they had received a 911 call asking for aid for an adult female, but it was unclear if the injured person had been treated.

The LAFD revealed that while the ambulance had been dispatched, there had not been a response from law enforcement.

At the time, Spears had shared that the news was fake and that she was getting stronger every day. She said she had only twisted her ankle, but the paramedics had shown up.

The ‘Toxic’ singer said that she had felt harassed, even though they had not come inside her room, and also added that she was moving to Boston.

On the day of the incident, news had come that the Woman in Me author had also reached a divorce settlement with her ex-husband, Sam Asghari.

This was less than a year after the couple had announced the end of their 14-month marriage. According to court documents, a ‘written agreement’ was made regarding the spousal support and property arrangements.

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