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Saturday, February 24, 2024

DJ Khaled Gets Carried Onto The Stage

In recent news, DJ Khaled was carried onto the stage by his security guards for a performance.

The reason behind this was cited to be that the singer did not want to get his box-fresh Jordan sneakers dirty in the sand.

Consequently, he requested his security guards to lift him off the ground and carry him on his shoulders.

The Wild Thoughts hitmaker took to social media to share a short clip of two men taking the towering record producer to a buggy.

From there, the musician was taken to the stage, which was located at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, taking place in Miami. 

In his words, he did not want to get his Jordans dirty and asked if people would help carry him toward the stage.

He ended the clip by thanking his security guards for their efforts, saying that they ensured that his sneakers did not get covered in sand. 

The pair of guards took to lifting the singer up once again after the ride was over and he had to walk up the stairs toward the stage.

Meanwhile, the caption of his clip on Instagram included two upcoming collaborations with Drake on his soon-to-be-released albums. 

He went on to write that he is working on a new album and is excited to be sharing tracks with fans.

The rapper is currently high in demand and has frequently worked with his regular collaborator on several tracks for his forthcoming 14th studio album.

This will be a follow-up to his release in 2022, titled God Did, which is due to be released later in the year.

DJ Khaled further took to Instagram Live to tease that Drake fans would be especially happy by his releases. 

In other news, Ben Affleck has disclosed that he requested that Jennifer Lopez keep their romance off the social media.

He went on to add that he had not wanted their relationship to be out in public, especially when they first rekindled their relationship.

The director and actor, who does not believe in a social media presence, discussed that he has been concerned about the images being shared by the music superstar. 

In his words, he does not want 253 million Instagram followers of hers to know that the pair decided to come back together in 2021.

According to him, he had a conversation with the singer and told her that he did not want her to share the news with the world. 

Consequently, in the documentary titled The Greatest Love Story Never Told, which was recently revealed by the hitmaker, Ben took to opening up about it.

He said that while he was initially against the idea of telling people, he has since come around because he has realized this is not a fair ask. 

In his words, both of them have different approaches to learning to compromise, and this is his way of being complacent. 

However, Jennifer only shares a couple of glimpses into their marriage on occasion. This is despite her being quite active on social media platforms.

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