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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Hilary Roberts Believes It Is Important To Call Out Prejudice And Ignorance

In recent news, Hilary Roberts has talked about the importance of calling out people for their blind ignorance, prejudice, and hate toward anyone.

The There For You singer recalled calling out her grandfather after he would not allow her infant cousin into his home.

This is because the cousin is of dual heritage, which the musician took to defending. Consequently, she insisted that people of dual heritage deserved to be valued just as much as other people.

In her words, she had been 10 years at the time, and her baby cousin had only been two months old when her grandfather took to being prejudiced toward her. 

Talking about the surrounding circumstances, the singer recalled that her aunt her flown in with her infant cousin to Pittsburgh during an ongoing snowstorm, where the snow on the ground was at least two feet. 

To her 10-year-old mind, the star was shocked and baffled because it did not make sense to her, even though she thought about it.

Moreover, Hilary added that it was especially confusing since her grandfather would not let in a mere baby. 

The artist talked about what happened years later, recalling that she had been in her 20s at the time and had two ‘beautiful biracial cousins’, who were both amazing young men.

During that time, Hilary visited her grandfather and in the middle of one of their conversations, he mentioned that he had been getting closer to God.

After hearing this, the singer was shocked and questioned him, asking how he could say that when he does not acknowledge two of his grandchildren due to the color of their skin.

She stated that he started the sentence with how it was back in his day, but she interrupted him saying that times have changed. 

Consequently, the star took to telling her grandfather about her story of drug and alcohol addiction, as well as of being trafficked.

She further disclosed to him how she had acted out in ways that had been demoralizing and all the things that she had done to not deserve his love.

Hilary used this moment to stipulate to him that her cousins had achieved so much in the same time and taken all the right roads in their lives.

As a result of this conversation, the musician added that her grandfather invited both his cousins to the next two family reunions.

At the time, they had stopped having reunions because her grandmother had passed. Thus, this was seen as a big step. 

The artist used this opportunity to stress upon the importance of calling people out when they are being prejudiced against someone due to the color of their skin or any other reason. 

In the previous month, Hilary joined hands with Brenda Ellis, a gospel singer, and took to commemorating Martin Luther King Day.

The two wrote a ballad, Better Than This, on this occasion. They have now followed up their previous music day to mark Black History Month.

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