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Friday, February 9, 2024

Taylor Swift Attends Super Bowl Performance For Travis Kelce

In recent news, Taylor Swift made sure to arrive on time in the city of Las Vegas to attend one of the much-awaited Super Bowl games.

The singer made an appearance to support and cheer for her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, after traveling for a total of 5,500 miles. 

The pop superstar had been in Tokyo, Japan, for the last couple of days to perform various shows as part of her Eras Tour.

However, this left her with little time to make it back to Nevada to watch her boyfriend play in the showpiece game for the National Football League (NFL). 

Sources have revealed that not only did the singer make it in time, but she was present in Sin City hours prior to the beginning of the game.

According to the NFL website, the Big Game got ‘even bigger’ due to the presence of the Shake It Off musician.

It is no secret that the star is adamant about showing support for her boyfriend, which is why she marked her presence at the Super Bowl LVIII to watch the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the San Francisco 49ers at the Allegiant Stadium. 

International Date Line took to facilitating the journey from the airport to the game for the singer. However, what allowed Taylor to arrive before the game was the time difference, as Japan is 17 hours ahead of the Pacific Time Zone in the US.

While some cheered for the musician’s presence at the game, others took to criticizing it. This prompted Adele to speak out against the latter.

The romance between the NFL player and the pop star has been making headlines across the globe. Moreover, Taylor has been commended for bringing new audiences to the sport.

On the other hand, some fans had an issue with the superstar being present at the game and her newfound interest in Gridiron. 

Some have said that the relationship is simply a publicity stunt, which is aimed at influencing the US Presidential Election, which will be held in November.

In line with this, Adele has taken to call out the critics for bashing the singer, saying that the 34-year-old has her own life and that others need to get one too.

The Hello singer, who originally supported the San Francisco 49ers, chose to switch sides to show solidarity with the high-profile couple. 

In the footage posted to social media, Adele can be seen saying that she wants the 49ers to win, but is also rooting for the Chiefs. 

This is only because of Taylor’s presence at the event, which will shut up the critics. She further went on to add that she cannot understand why people are complaining.

In her words, the presence of the musician there led to the game being more enjoyable than before and she is rooting for the two. 

Adele further called on people to mind their own businesses and let the couple enjoy their romance, as they support each other through concerts and games.

Taylor and Travis took their romance public in the month of September and have since been sighted at respective events to show support for their partner.

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