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Monday, January 22, 2024

Swedish House Mafia To Collaborate With Coldplay On New Remix

In recent news, Coldplay could likely be gearing up to release another track, but this time with Swedish House Mafia by his side.

The house supergroup took to remixing the 2011 track released by the Grammy-winning band Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.

It samples the 70s hit, I Go To Rio and has managed to reach the Top 10 charts in the UK. The members revealed that they have already had a conversation with frontman Chris Martin about coming up with something new together.

DJ Steve Angello, alongside Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell, has completed the Swedish trio once again. 

The gang disclosed that they discussed the collaboration in detail with Chris and agreed that his vocals, as well as writing style, would be bizarre when paired with their music.

The group added that it would help produce a song that fans everywhere would enjoy dancing and listening to.

Meanwhile, Nile Rodgers has revealed that he has been working on a top-secret track with Coldplay. He spoke about the collaboration recently, saying that he is having a great time with the singer.

In his words, it feels spiritual when he works alongside the talented musician in the studio and is in complete awe of him. 

Consequently, the Yellow hitmakers are very close to dropping a new album, titled Moon Music, later in the year.

This album will follow their Music Of The Spheres album, which was revealed in the year 2021 when the hitmakers came together for a blast.

Chris has also previously admitted that he is looking to take his band into space, so that they can play an exclusively live performance up there on the moon.

However, he added that while that sounds like a great idea, people would not be able to hear anything they play because space has no sound, as it is a vacuum. 

While interviewing on the Zach Sang Show, he went on to add that it is a new idea, and no one has done it yet.

In other news, Stella Parton has taken to open up about the drunken performance of Elle King on the birthday tribute event hosted by Dolly Parton.

Stella has talked about the performance of the 34-year-old in detail, which took place at the 78th birthday celebration of the country star.

The event was held at the Ryman Auditorium, which is located in Nashville, where the singer appeared to slur her words while on stage.

Consequently, she forgot her lyrics at one point during a song and began swearing in front of all the guests. 

However, despite the inebriated performance from the singer, the 74-year-old took to showing her support for the musician of Ex’s & Oh’s. 

The singer/songwriter took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to say that she did not hear to see the birthday tribute for her sister, Dolly Parton.

Even so, she discussed what happened at the event and said that it was okay, given that this was not the first time a singer had gone up on stage drunk.

She called out people for their hypocrisy, who let men get away with the same behavior but hold women accountable for doing the same.

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