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Monday, January 22, 2024

Natalie Portman And Rihanna Fangirl Together At Paris Fashion Week

In recent news, Natalie Portman and Rihanna have taken to talk about the mutual appreciation and love they have for each other at the most recently held Paris Fashion Week. 

The two high-profile celebrities were invited to the Dior Haute Couture Show when they met up with each other outside.

Rihanna raved that she is a huge fan of the star and called Natalie one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood.

She also appreciates the innocent look that Natalie is able to pull off with so much grace, and it leaves the musician in awe of the actress.

Consequently, the Hollywood artist returned the compliment, saying that she felt like she was going to faint after meeting Rihanna.

In her words, she is a huge fan of the stars and listens to her music all the time. Natalie thanked the popstar for making amazing songs. 

After they had spoken for a bit, the Diamonds singer asked a paparazzi nearby to take a picture of the pair together.

She said that she wants to remember running into the actress tomorrow, which is why she needs photographic proof. 

Natalie has been an ambassador for Dior since she was first hired in 2011. At her most recent appearance at the Golden Globes, she dressed up in a Dior Couture gown, which had been embroidered and hand-beaded with an impressionist landscape of vermicelli and micro-flowers. 

The star revealed that her dress took several hundreds of hours of work, which is why she felt lucky to have worn it. she said that it felt like she had a garden right there on her dress.

In other news, Adele has opened up about her plans after her residency in Las Vegas comes to an end.

According to the 35-year-old, she will be prioritizing fitness above everything else following June.

In her words, she does not like to make any New Year resolutions, but she made an exception this year since she wants to build the muscles in her core.

The musician further disclosed that it is her goal to be able to do a backflip without experiencing any form of pain. 

Consequently, the music star stated that she is going to be in good shape by the time the new year rolls around and is going to do a backflip somewhere. 

2024 is the year when Adele said that she has decided to be at her peak, physically fit body, which is what she will be focusing on. 

According to the musician, she knows that she can achieve this goal because she has also done it before.

A couple of years ago, the star took to focusing on fitness for a while and ended up becoming stronger.

However, soon after, she said she became lazy and lost track of all the effort that she had put in to become healthy again. 

The performer also added that she is hoping to make some time for activities that she can do with her friends.

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