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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Dua Lipa Reveals She Is Not Good At Therapy

In recent news, Dua Lipa has admitted that she is not a good client when it comes to taking therapy for her mental health.

In her words, the pop star believes that she is better off with yoga and meditation in order to manage her mental health, as opposed to therapy.

Disclosing her personal feelings, the star said that she is not good at opening up to people. She stipulated that though she is disciplined in various areas of her life and strives to be, it is difficult for her to lock herself down and express how she feels.

She went on to say that this is primarily due to the fact that she is already pretty open with her friends and practices open communication with her friends.

According to the musician, she discusses various things going on in her life with the people that she is the closest to.

The Houdini singer further stated that when she is dealing with some difficult issue, she tends to turn toward her closer circle.

At times, she does not discuss things with others, rather faces her issues head-on and takes steps to move forward from her struggles. 

The third studio album of the musician is going to be released later in the current year. As of now, there are various rumors surrounding her love life and her relationship with Callum Turner.

While discussing her album, the singer disclosed that the songs on the record revolve around enjoying a single life. 

Dua talked about herself, saying that she has an idea of the kind of a person she is when she is in a relationship or in love.

In her words, she tends to give it her all or nothing when she is in a romantic or platonic relationship with someone. 

However, the pop star went on to say that she is a hopeless romantic and can sometimes ignore red flags when she starts to like someone.

Later in the interview, Dua revealed that she is convinced that people do not want celebrities to be political or smart.

The 28-year-old singer insisted that she is an avid reader and has taken to speaking out about current affairs across the globe.

According to the musician, she has perceived that fans do not want to see their favorite celebrities talking about intellectual matters.

She added that they do not want to see pop stars be political or smart. She insisted that while she is not trying to prove herself, the hitmaker wants fans to understand that celebrities are also people who read and talk about current affairs. 

In line with this, Dua revealed that she has supported and signed a petition for a cease-fire to the war between Israel and Hamas.

She discussed that due to the consistent attacks, Gaza has turned into a tragic battlefield and led to the displacement of millions of people.

The star added that she has made her feelings about displaced people very clear and has been readily open with them.

However, the singer admitted that it is a sensitive and difficult subject to talk about as people across the globe are pretty divided on the matter.

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