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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Sean Diddy Combs Enters Into A Legal Settlement With Liquor Company

In recent news, Sean Diddy Combs has reportedly entered into a settlement agreement over his legal dispute with a liquor company.

The rapper filed charges against the alcoholic beverage company based in London, Diageo, back in June of last year.

Consequently, the suit surrounded the singer accusing the corporation of racially discriminating against him.

However, seven months after the complaint was made in court, it was revealed that the two parties had decided to mutually settle this case. 

According to the business mogul and performer, Diageo had allegedly breached the agreement that it had with him. 

As per the agreement, the company failed to adequately market and promote DeLeon, the tequila brand owned by the musician.

The singer accused that his brand had received unfair treatment, as compared to the rest, simply because he is Black. 

In a joint statement released by both Diageo and Combs, the pair announced that they have decided to part ways and have no ongoing relationship.

As a result, the London-based alcohol company has become the sole owner of Ciroc Vodka and DeLeon tequila, which are two brands part-owned and promoted by the rapper in the last coupke of years.

As of now, Diageo owns more than 200 brands in the market, which includes Guinness beer, as well as Baileys cream liqueur. 

The joint statement also disclosed that the musician has taken back all the allegations he made regarding the company’s apparent racial discrimination.

No additional details of the settlement were shared by the performer or the alcohol giant.

The 54-year-old recently settled another lawsuit, which was filed by Cassandra Venture, also known as Cassie.

Back in November, she accused the I’ll Be Missing You artist of raping her. However, the pair reached an agreement, and the case was settled outside of court.

Shortly after, various other women accused Combs of committing sexual assault against them, but he has continued to maintain his innocence in the matter. 

In other news, Billie Joe Armstrong has opened up about his drinking problem, saying that he thinks it is triggered due to stage fright. 

The Green Day frontman has always made it a point to be open about the struggles he faces with alcohol addiction.

He pointed out that the peak of the band’s 1995 album, Insomniac, was when his issues first began.

In his words, he used to struggle with performing on the stage at the time, which is when he turned to alcohol for support.

During a recent appearance on the WTF podcast, the singer added that he gets massive stage fright and the buildup of anxiety throughout the day further exacerbates his issues. 

He revealed that as the number of shows for the band increased, he became more and more dependent on alcohol to get him through the night.

The musician soon realized that drinking was turning out to be an effective solution to his anxiety and helped him be on stage during various performances.

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