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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Kid Cudi Opens Up About Forgiving Kanye West

In recent news, Kid Cudi has revealed that he buried the hatchet with Kanye after the latter offered him a heartfelt and sincere apology. 

The collaborators and close friends recently found themselves engaged in a feud in public and have now decided to patch things over.

The argument began in 2022 when Kanye decided to cut Cudi out from his newly released album at the time, Donda 2.

The rapper did not like that Cudi was friends with Pete Davidson, who was dating Kanye’s former wife, Kim Kardashian, back then.

As a result, Cudi declared that he would never speak to the rapper again and that their friendship was over.

He went on to add that he was heavily disappointed and that nothing short of a miracle could make him friends with Kanye again.

However, during a recent interview with Zane Lowe from Apple Music, the Day ‘n’ Nite hitmaker talked about forgiveness.

Consequently, he said that the pair had decided to patch things up after his Kids See Ghosts collaborator reached out to him with a sincere apology.

In his words, he was surprised when Kanye apologized because the rapper has a reputation for not making amends like this.

He went on to add that the two are now friends and brothers again, and he is glad to have Kanye back in his life.

The musician further hinted that now that things are good between them, they may be appearing together soon enough to appease the fans. 

The rapper, whose real name is Scott Mescudi, added that Kanye’s apology made him rethink a lot of things.

Consequently, he began to recall all the nice things that the Donda 2 creator had done for him when he first started his career. This included paying for the music video of Day ‘n’ Nite.

The star added how he had been disappointed back then that he would not be able to make a music video and was ready to give up.

However, Kanye walked in and helped him achieve things that nobody else did at the beginning of his career.

As a result, Cudi decided that he would not and could not give up on the Stronger hitmaker, insisting that the rapper is a good man.

He stated that despite the antisemitism controversy surrounding the star in late 2022, he still has a good heart. 

The Day ’n’ Nite hitmaker stipulated that Kanye has made some mistakes but that everyone does. He added that the rapper has been through one hell of a ride and agreed that some comments were not appropriate, but he is growing.

According to Cudi, while there is little to no possibility for Kanye to make a comeback in various places and with numerous people, he is trying his best to be a better person.

He added that the Stronger hitmaker would always be his brother and that he has his back. 

Back in December of 2023, Kanye made a public apology to the Jewish community for making offensive remarks.

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