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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Rick Witter Expresses Interest In Wanting To Sing For Other Bands

In recent news, Rick Witters has said that he hopes that he will soon be invited to record tracks with other bands.

This statement was released shortly after the band that he is a part of, Shed 7, recorded success with regards to its new album.

The hitmakers of Chasing Rainbows have now achieved their first-ever number one by releasing A Matter Of Time on their 30th anniversary.

It features guest appearances from a number of artists and big names, such as Pete Doherty, Rowetta, Laura McClure, Reverend and the Makers, and Happy Mondays. 

Rick has admitted that it was a completely different experience to be working with all kinds of vocalists.

Consequently, he said that he is hoping that they will soon return the favor and work with him for their newer tracks.

In his words, this was the first time that the band also planned to include vocalists and ended up following through on its plan.

Pete, the rocker from The Libertines, also revealed that he is a superfan of Shed 7 and all of its songs. 

According to Rick, the rocker told him that the band’s songs were some of the first that he learned to play on his guitar. 

The 51-year-old further disclosed that the group was thinking of putting out new music that would help them reap the rewards of the ongoing trend to bring back the 90s. 

In his words, the band wants to capitalize on this opportunity for as long as possible before the trend disappears once again. 

The Going For Gold musician first met up with Paul Banks, the guitarist at Huntington Secondary School, located in York.

Even though they were teenagers at the time, their music caused a stir in the industry and stole the hearts of many fans.

Rick further recalled that back then, the band would often argue over whether Simple Minds or U2 was better while they penned down their own songs.

Consequently, the group played its first song at a local pub, which was called The Spotted Cow.

The star disclosed that in order to market the event, the band put up posters across the school, which made their headteacher angry. 

In his words, the head of the school told them that they could not put up something related to a pub in school.

However, the boys were determined, and the event ended up pulling a pleasant crowd for the group.

In other news, Anderson Paak has announced that he has filed for divorce from Jaylyn Chang, his wife.

As of now, the musician has cited that the pair has irreconcilable differences, due to which they have decided to go their separate ways. 

The singer of Silk Sonic has been married to Jaylyn, who is his second wife, for the past 13 years. 

In the documents filed with the court, the artist requested that the court’s ability to award him or his wife spousal support should be terminated. 

He further asked that he should have shared physical and legal custody of his two sons that he shares with her, namely 13-year-old Soul Rasheed and six-year-old Shine Tariq.

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