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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Robbie Williams Suffers From January Blues

In recent news, Robbie Williams has revealed that he is currently suffering from January Blues. 

According to the former Take That Singer, he feels like he is trapped in a blank space. He further disclosed that he sometimes wakes up feeling like he has contracted the coronavirus.

The 49-year-old took to Instagram to open up about his current struggles. He went on to say that he is currently struggling with basic routine tasks.

In his words, the musician disclosed that even sending out emails feels like homework, which will not be done until he boards the bus to school.

The singer also talked about how socializing feels like a chore to him at the moment. Consequently, all he wants to do is stay in bed because everything else seems impossible to do right now. 

However, Robbie assured fans that he was not depressed or unhappy. He went on to say that everything is fine in his life, he is only stuck in a rut that he is unable to escape at the moment. 

The star added that he has this consistent feeling of wanting to disappear for a couple of days and come back recharged.

The 49-year-old expressed to vanish alongside his wife, Ayda, and his children to get a fresh start and reset. 

According to the star, he often disappears from life for a couple of days to get a change of scenery, and while some of his friends understand this, others do not.

At the moment, the singer added that he would also love just to watch TV with his family, as it makes him happy.  

It is a known fact that Robbie has spent years fighting many addictions to food and drugs. His struggles with mental health illnesses have also been discussed on various occasions. 

Talking about the feeling that he wakes up with, the singer added that he feels like he has the coronavirus because his body is lethargic all the time.

In his words, he feels tired and grumpy all the time, much like a person does when they are coming down with a flu or similar illness.

In other news, Billie Eilish has revealed that she has set up a bunch of cameras in her music studio to catch some of her goofy moments.

According to the Bad Guy singer, she has been very busy writing and working on her third record alongside her collaborator and brother, Finneas. 

Consequently, the 22-year-old hopes that the footage from the cameras shows them pranking each other and joking around rather than being focused on work all day long. 

While talking on a podcast, the musician said that she and her brother had a fun time when they were working on Happier Than Ever back in 2021.

However, back then, they did not record any of their moments together but put up cameras in the studio for this one. 

According to the star, there will be nothing special on these tapes besides the duo acting like normal siblings and goofing off.

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