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Saturday, January 6, 2024

Rita Ora Says She Wants To Collaborate With Dua Lipa

In recent news, Rita Ora has said that she wants to make music with Dua Lipa. 

According to the 33-year-old singer and actress, she wants to bring together Bebe Rexha, Ava Max, and Dua Lipa to collaborate together on a new record.

She added that she wants all these women belonging to the South-East European heritage to come together for a track. 

The star was recently invited to the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, where she said that she is inspired by both Dua Lipa and Bebe Rexha.

She said that it is natural for people to compare them since they come from the same part of the world.

But she stated that all three of them could not be more different with respect to their musical personalities. 

She was asked if the three of them would ever come together to work on a collaboration, to which Rita said that she would love to do that and include Ava Max as well. 

The musician revealed that she has previously worked with Bebe Rexha and Ava Max but not with Dua Lipa. 

Dua’s and Rita’s families are both from Kosovo and have Albanian heritage. Bebe and Ava are also popularly known for having Albanian links. 

Meanwhile, the artist also talked about how obsessed she is with Coleen Rooney after the Wagatha Christie scandal.

The scandal between fellow soccer, WAG Rebekah Vardy and Coleen led to a libel case in 2022 in the English High Court.

Consequently, Rita added that she was inspired by how Coleen handled the entire case. Moreover, she appreciates her for being a Wag, being married to Wayne Rooney, and so many other things that make her the musician’s idol. 

According to the artist, Coleen further captivated her by doing an incredible documentary on Disney+, and she has been enamored ever since. 

She went on to stipulate that she appreciates people who can do whatever they want. 

In other news, Bonnie Tyler has revealed that she would love to enjoy a James Bond theme song, but it should be the right song.

The Total Eclipse Of The Heart hitmaker is known for rejecting an offer to record Never Say Never Again when the 1983 spy movie with the same name was released.

It starred the now-deceased Sir Sean Connery, who played 007. The song was covered by the 78-year-old Lani Hall. 

However, the 72-year-old singer has said that she does not have any regrets because the song did not go on to be a hit.

The Welsh singer further added that she will only record a James Bond theme song if she truly believes in it. 

In her words, the song that was first presented to her turned out to be the only one that did not become a hit, entailing that she made the right choice. 

Later in the interview, Bonnie added that her record label used to think that she was crazy for having asked the songwriter for Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Jim Steinman, to work with her on her song at the time.

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