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Thursday, January 11, 2024

Machine Gun Kelly Defends Guitar Design

In recent news, Machine Gun Kelly has defended the razor blade design of his guitar after receiving heavy criticism. 

Just last week, the singer announced that he would be collaborating with Schecter Guitars. Shortly after the announcement, numerous people on social media took to expressing their distaste.

According to them, the musician was contributing to the glorification of self-harm by curating the design of an instrument that is akin to a metal razor blade. 

The hitmaker, whose real name is Colson Baker, took to X to defend the design of the guitar on X, formerly known as Twitter.

In his words, people have been misinterpreting the design and making it into something morbid when it is not. 

He took to explaining the ‘art’ behind the behind the design of the guitar, saying that true art is conversational and can be easily interpreted. 

However, he went on to add that people had made the wrong assessment of the design and were blaming the singer for their point of view. 

According to the singer, he felt upset to see that people would think of him as someone who glorifies self-harm. 

The 33-year-old took to replying to a couple of X users directly, claiming that the design of the guitar should not be taken literally and seriously. 

He went on to add that people lack depth for taking art at face value, insisting that it has nothing to do with the subject matter he is being accused of representing. 

Machine Gun Kelly was especially upset by one user accusing him of creating an instrument that made self-harm look acceptable and cool. 

On the other hand, another user called out the musician for pushing horrifying themes on his young fans.

Consequently, the rapper-turned-rocker stated that people could continue to show his young fans that their interpretations of art are shallow and lack depth.

The musician believes that he has done his job as an artist and tried to create a conversation and open up the design for interpretation.

In his words, people are stupid for not having the capacity to take his art seriously or be serious about his message. 

In other news, Noah Kahan has taken to social media to tease his fans about an upcoming collaboration. 

The 27-year-old singer posted a snippet of the new track on TikTok alongside an unnamed artist. 

Along with the clip, the musician added that he wanted to share his collaboration with his fans.

In his words, the artist that he has now joined hands with is the person who has inspired his upcoming record.

Consequently, the singer is excited to share the new music with all his fans. 

In the clip posted, fans could hear the unnamed artist singing and were in a frenzy due to the vocals. 

Stick Season, a single by Noah, was released in 2022 and went on to become a viral hit in the previous year.

The singer also admitted that he had been amazed and shocked by the success of the song, saying he could not believe he was behind it.

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