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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Billie Eilish Wants To Direct A Film

In recent news, Billie Eilish has shown substantial interest in wanting to direct a movie in the near future. 

She appeared on an episode of the Awards Chatter podcast of the Hollywood Reporter, alongside her brother, Finneas.

During the conversation, the Happier Than Ever singer was questioned about the career accomplishments that are on her to-do list for the future. 

Without wasting a second, the musician iterated that she dreams about directing a proper movie someday.

It is no secret that Billie is a talented artist, with Finneas and her winning an Oscar for penning down the title song for the James Bond movie released in 2021.

The sibling duo was praised for their hard work and talent, which was evident in the lyrics of the No Time To Die track.

Just recently, the pair was also awarded a Golden Globe for What Was I Made For?, which is a track featured in the 2023 film, Barbie.  

According to the hitmaker, she and her brother are fans of numerous movies and enjoy the music used in films.

However, she pointed out that songs and music in movies are often overlooked and thus, do not receive enough recognition.

Consequently, she said that this is unfortunate, especially since music makes or breaks every movie and show. 

Later in the interview, the singer was also asked about her favorite songs featured in movies. 

In her words, she loves Skyfall, which was featured in the James Bond film back in 2012, along with When She Loved Me, which was in Toy Story 2.

In addition, the musician said that she loved Spirit’s Here I Am and frequently listens to it, as it is one of her favorites. 

She went on to disclose that writing the song for the James Bond movie had been a challenge for the two siblings.

According to her, they sat down to pen the song and felt ridiculous, thinking that their song couldn't be selected. 

However, it turned into a fun experience for the two siblings, who were eventually applauded for their songwriting skills for the 2021 film. 

When questioned about how the album production is different from the soundtrack-production process, Billie said that she and her brother can write from a prompt, which is something that the pair is good at. 

In her words, she loves not worrying about herself and her experiences when she starts writing and loses herself in the process.

In other news, Pete Davidson has revealed that he was high on ketamine when he attended the funeral of Aretha Franklin.

The former star of Saturday Night Live has said that it was embarrassing for him to be at the funeral in that condition. 

He revealed that he had been so high that he went up to the family of the deceased and told them that he was there to pay his respects, spelling out the word ‘respects’.

Pete realizes that that has been embarrassing and disrespectful of him. However, he had been under the influence, which meant he was unable to control his interactions.

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