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Friday, January 12, 2024

FKA Twigs Blasts Decision To Ban Calvin Klein Poster

In recent news, FKA Twigs has expressed how angry she is at the decision to ban the Calvin Klein poster that she is featured on in the UK.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK revealed that it has received two complaints regarding the advertisement.

This is because the singer is modeling in the advertisement wearing nothing but a denim shirt. As a result of it being draped over one of her shoulders, the garment reveals half of the musician’s breast and the side of her buttocks. 

According to the ruling presented by the ASA on the poster, it added that it thought it was best to ban it.

The reason behind the ban was that the poster focused more on the body of the singer rather than the clothes. 

In a statement, the ASA further added that the advertisement by Calvin Klein uses nudity to promote its products, with the poster being primarily centered on the physical features of FKA Twigs. 

Consequently, the organization stipulated that it believes that the singer is being treated like a stereotypical sexual object.

However, FKA Twigs, real name Tahliah Barnett, was not happy with this decision and made her distaste known.

She took to social media to call out the ASA for its double standards, saying that it is the organization that is looking at her as a stereotypical sexual object.

In her words, the poster simply depicts a strong woman of color whose body has been through a lot of pain.

Consequently, she added that there is some hypocrisy on the part of the organization, which has never said anything regarding previous posters and campaigns. 

According to the singer, she is proud of her body and is inspired by various women who shattered the boundaries of harnessing and empowering a unique embodied sensuality. 

She took to naming women, such as Eartha Kitt, Grace Jones, and Josephine Baker, who have made a significant impact on her. 

The musician went on to thank the brand, as well as the photographers and creative directors, who gave her room to express herself in the way she felt it was best.

On the other hand, the ASA was unmoved by FKA Twigs’s post on social media and made it clear that such posters would not be allowed in the UK.

The executives of the organization further spoke to the bosses at Calvin Klein and warned them to ensure that all imagery in the future does not objectify women.

It also informed the brand to make sure that each poster and campaign from now on should be appropriately targeted. 

In other news, Sophie Ellis-Bextor has announced that she is working on a new album.

According to the 44-year-old singer, she has been busy working on a new record and has been collaborating with many popular writers. 

The singer initially released her debut album back in 2001, titled Read My Lips, and has decided to once again join hands with the people she collaborated with for her first album.

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