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Thursday, January 4, 2024

Lil Nas X To Drop New Video And Song

In recent news, Lil Nas X has announced that he will be returning with a new song, accompanied by a music video, soon. 

The 24-year-old rapper took to social media platforms to make the announcement by sharing his artwork.

Consequently, he confirmed that this will be his first track of the current year, which will be accompanied by a self-directed music video. 

The Old Town Road rapper shared the art on Instagram, adding that he is very proud of the visuals.

The image included a total of four drawings of the singer himself as a priest. Beneath the art is the caption “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, amen.”

Moreover, Lil Nas X also took to calling out people who doubted his efforts and labeled him to be a one-hit-wonder.

At the end of his post, he confirmed that the song would be dropping in the upcoming week but did not name it.

Alongside the release date, the musician discussed how people used to tell him that he was just a ‘Twitter rapper”, but then he went ahead and made one of the ‘biggest songs’ of all time.

He recalled how he has been dubbed to only have a single good song but has also released one of the most streamed albums in a year.

The star further added that 3 of his songs have also landed in the Top 5 list, proving all his haters wrong.

Consequently, Lil Nas X stated that he has heard that people are still doubting his music but is not bothered as he believes he is God’s favorite. 

Along with teasing his upcoming music, the Industry Baby singer revealed that he may also be doing a performance soon. 

In his words, it has been two years since his last show but he is now ready to get back on stage and give it his all. 

The singer dropped his debut album called Montero back in 2021, which went on to become acclaimed across the globe.

Meanwhile, the musician has also been working on collaborating with PinkPantheress, with the pair cooking something up in his studio.

The music star previously duetted with Jack Harlow and Billy Ray Cyrus and is now working with the Boys A Liar singer to drop a hit song.

It is a known fact that both the stars have gone viral at certain points among the TikTok generation, which stands to reason why they are working on a collaboration. 

A source added that they are also working on their individual albums at the moment but were excited to drop a record together.

They added how the two simply clicked from the moment they were first introduced to each other. 

The source further disclosed that the two musicians have really hit it off together since they have a lot in common. 

Consequently, fans are eagerly waiting for the pair to drop a song.

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