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Monday, January 29, 2024

Lil Nas X Talks About Religious Backlash

In recent news, Lil Nas X has revealed how he consistently faces religious backlash due to the music videos of his songs. 

The singer recently appeared on the podcast hosted by Jay Shetty, On Purpose, to talk about the religious criticism surrounding his most recently released singles, J Christ and Montero (Call Me By Your Name), which was released in 2021. 

The Old Town Road hitmaker stated that he had never felt so confused physically and mentally since all he did was make art and put it out into the world.

In his words, he feels upset by people negatively receiving his work, and it feels unreal to him.

However, Lil Nas X further added that he also understands why this is happening and has decided just to power through. 

The singer took to joking that he has now come to enjoy chaos, but only when he can control whatever is happening.

According to him, he is pretty strategic when it comes to dealing with criticism and knows how to move the conversation along.

However, this is new territory for the singer, saying that this newfound lack of control makes him feel depressed.

He went on to say that, at times, he can feel a surge of anger at himself, especially when he realizes what is going on. 

Lil Nas X took to specifically address the recent backlash that he has been receiving soon after the release of his comeback track, namely J Christ.

The music video and artwork of the single feature imagery of the musician affixed to a cross in the same manner as Jesus Christ.

According to the hitmaker, the cross was only used as symbolism to mark his comeback to the spotlight.

However, he was speechless when people turned it into an attempt by the musician to make fun of Christians and insult their religion.

But Lil Nas X clarified that his intention had never been to offend or insult anyone. But he did admit that when he rewatched the video from the perspective of the people, he realized that it did not look good on paper.

In the words of the star, the video was only meant to be funny and garner a few laughs, not cause a religious backlash. 

The singer, whose real name is Montero Hill, went on to add that he thought back about his Christian family in that moment and wondered if they thought the same thing.

Consequently, the 24-year-old realized that what he had done was a little messed up and should not have been put out in a music video.

J Christ made its debut at the 69th position on the Billboard Hot 100 soon after its release and in the early days of the current month.

People were quick to point out that this was a far cry from the star’s usual position on the charts after a release.

Even so, the musician added that he is still proud of how the video and song came out. He expressed that people thought they would be upset by the position on the charts, but he was not.

In his words, the musician said that he was bothered by people’s reactions but quickly realized that he was on the charts and was grateful to be there.

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