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Friday, January 19, 2024

Ice Spice Accused Of Copyright Infringement

In recent news, Ice Spice is being sued for alleged copyright infringement over a song she released in the previous year, In Ha Mood.

The lawsuit has been filed by Duval ‘D Chamberz’ Chamberlain, rapper and songwriter, along with Kenley ‘Kass the Producer’ Carmenate, producer and singer. 

The two have taken their chase against Ice Spice, real name Isis Gaston, in the Eastern District of New York. 

In the filing, the musicians have claimed that Spice, as well as Riot, her producer, have copied the lyrics, hook, beat, rhythmic structure, and even the name of their 2022 song, titled In That Mood.

They claim that this has been done without informing them and asking for their permission, nor have they been given any credit. 

In the filing, the duo added that there are numerous similarities between In Ha Mood and In That Mood.

One of the key similarities highlighted is the use of the key phrase, which is used in the chorus and then repeated several times in a similar manner throughout the song. 

Consequently, the accusers believe that it would not be reasonable to think that the person who created In Ha Mood did not listen to the 2022 song before. 

The filing added that the songs have such striking similarities that they cannot be believed to be purely coincidental at all. 

According to the musicians, Riot has heard their song on the radio and he and his client have been present at their performances of the track in New York.

As per the lawsuit, Carmenate and Chamberlain are both looking for damages and require at least half of the publishing of the song. 

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old rapper and her producer have not yet responded to the allegations nor made a statement. 

In other news, Doja Cat’s mother has taken to file a restraining order against her 30-year-old son. 

She has accused him of verbally and physically abusing the singer and is now seeking justice and aid for Doja.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, the mother of the rapper, is currently only filing for a temporary restraining order against Raman Dalithando Dlamini in the Superior Court of Los Angeles.

In the filing, she listed Doja, real name Amala Dlamini, as another individual who apparently needs to be protected from Raman. 

Sawyer went on to claim that the brother knocked out his sister’s teeth and gave her a number of bruises and cuts.

She further alleged that he stole some of her personal possessions and caused significant damage to several of her belongings.

The filing reads that the 30-year-old also verbally assaulted Doja by using demeaning and derogatory terms. 

Consequently, the rapper has seemingly been left traumatized and unsafe, which is why she now requires protection. 

Sawyer went on to add that Raman had carried out his physical and verbal assault on various occasions in the previous year.

However, the most recent one allegedly took place earlier in the month, which forced the mother of the musician to take this step.

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