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Monday, January 8, 2024

Jennifer Lopez Lauds America Ferrera

In recent news, Jenifer Lopez has praised America Ferrera for being an inspiration who motivates people to use their voices and stand up for themselves. 

The actress and singer showered words of positivity on her friend during a special screening of Barbie film.

The screening for the movie was specially held for the Latin community residing in Los Angeles during the weekend. 

According to sources, Jennifer was the one who introduced America and invited her on stage to discuss the representation of all Latin women in Hollywood. 

The singer added that Barbie is about empowerment, whether a woman comes from Los Angeles through Honduras, the Bronx through Puerto Rico, or Mattel through the magical pink box. 

In her words, no one can embody the Latin woman better than America Ferrera, who happens to be her friend.

She went on to deem America to be an inspiration for the entire community, who motivates everyone to use their speech for good.

Consequently, the actress returned the compliments given to her by Jennifer, gushing over the superstar herself. 

She added how Jennifer had opened doors for the community when there seemed to be no doors and allowed entry into the industry.

America further added that it is because of the musician that she has paved the way for success for numerous women in the Latin community. 

In the 2023 blockbuster Barbie movie, America has been cast as Gloria, an employee at Mattel. Her role revolves around her struggles in trying to connect with her daughter. 

She made global headlines for one specific speech delivered by her character. It detailed the difficult and impossible standards that women have to live up to in this day and age.

It speaks about how they are expected to be thin, but not too skinny. She further rants about how women are told to never say that they want to be thin but rather be healthy. 

Moreover, Gloria states that women are supposed to have money, but are believed to be crass when they do ask for money. Likewise, the character adds that women have to be a boss but are told to not be mean. 

The three-minute-long monologue has been making its rounds on the internet and was also appreciated by cinema audiences, who were not afraid to give it spontaneous applause.

In other news, Ed Sheeran has said that he is surprised after his first-ever win at the Emmy Awards and is still trying to process it. 

The Shape Of You musician was given the Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics award at the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards for his popular track, A Beautiful Game. 

The song was also featured in the finale of the show, Ted Lasso. It was written by Ed and his co-writing partners, Foy Vance and Max Martin. 

While the singer was unable to attend the event, he addressed his win on social media and posted a video of himself recording the song. 

He added that he was not expecting the win, but was grateful for it all the same. The singer thanked fans for their support and said that it was a pleasant surprise first thing after he woke up.

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