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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Beth Ditto Opens Up About Gossip Split

In recent news, Beth Ditto has opened up about the real reason behind the split of her band, Gossip.

In the words of the singer, the group decided to go their separate ways as a way to deal with their individual lives.

She released that she and her bandmates, Hannah Billie and Nathan Howdeshell, have spent the last 11 years without releasing a record.

However, she disclosed that the group has now come back together to release a new album, which will be put out on the 22nd of March.

Beth took to talking about the reason why the band has been away from the spotlight for over a decade.

According to her, it became difficult for the gang to care about making music when they were dealing with a lot of pain in their loves.

Consequently, she added that it was challenging to be their own person, especially when they were in a creative relationship with each other.

In her words, being in a band was much like being in a marriage or a long-term relationship. The musician stated that Gossip is the longest job and relationship that she has ever had.

She further credited the band for being the reason why she traveled to various places and why she was able to go on adventures. 

The star recalled that while she was a part of Gossip, it was not possible for her to grow and be independent.

She said that all three members had become co-dependent on each other and were starting to put each other about themselves.

Thus, they needed space to deal with their own personal problems, which is why Gossip split up shortly after.

The last record released by the band was in 2012, titled A Joyful Noise. After the band members decided to go their separate ways, Nathan moved back to the hometown where he and Beth were from.

While Nathan was living in Arkansas again, he decided to re-devote himself as a Christian. During this time, Beth took a divorce from her childhood friend and wife, Kristin Ogata.

As she went through a difficult time with her former wife of five years, the musician also had to deal with the passing of her father.

However, the group reunited once again in 2019, which turned out to be a happy time for all of them. 

It was the 10th-anniversary tour of their Music For Men record, which had been produced by Rick Rubin back in the day.

At the time, Beth decided to make a solo track in the home studio of the producer, which was located in Kauai. 

Soon after, she decided to bring Nathan on board, and it started to feel like a Gossip record. Consequently, the duo brought on the third member and completed their band once again. 

While talking about her personal issues, the musician further disclosed that it was not easy for her to deal with her divorce.

This was mainly due to the fact that she and her spouse had been best friends for a long time, and it felt empty to her when she left.

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