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Friday, December 22, 2023

Sydney Sweeney Denies She Was Objectified

In recent news, Sydney Sweeney has denied all claims of her being sexualized in a new music video released by the Rolling Stones for their new single, Angry.

In the video, the Euphoria actress can be seen wearing black studded chaps as she dances in the backseat of a convertible.

The scene is set on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, where the convertible slowly rolls down the road. 

Damon Albarn, the frontman of Blur, has taken to be the most vocal about criticizing the new video. 

In his words, he was pretty excited to be listening to the new song but was horrified by the music video that showed the band members at different stages of their lives on billboards.

He went on to say that while the stroll down memory lane was a good angle, it was in poor taste to objectify the 26-year-old. 

According to him, Sydney’s role in the video was a complete disconnect from what the band was trying to depict. 

However, the actress recently gave an interview and dismissed all such claims, saying that she was hot and picked her own outfit from the hundreds of clothes she was offered.

The Anyone But You star confessed that she felt truly beautiful and good in the chaps that she picked out.

Moreover, the artist added that she is often questioned if she is a feminist. As per Sydney, she feels empowered by embracing the body that she has.

In her words, she feels ‘sexy’ and ‘strong’ and that there is nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself.

The star disclosed that she is pretty happy about the fact that she was cast in a Rolling Stones video. 

She went on to add that this is an opportunity that most people do not get, and it was fun for her to roll down Sunset Boulevard on top of a convertible with police escorts. 

Hackney Diamonds, the latest album by the Rolling Stones, was released on the 20th of October. Angry is the lead single of the recent record. 

In other news, Sabrina Carpenter has recalled how she reacted when she first received the text that told her she would be joining Taylor Swift on tour.

According to the Nonsense singer, she was unable to comprehend what was happening and threw her phone across the room.

In her words, one of the most important moments of her life was being invited on the Eras Tour by the hitmaker.

She revealed that there were no managers involved, rather, Taylor left her a text full of emojis and exclamation points to ask her to join. 

The musician continued to add that the entire experience had been surreal and that she was still unable to process it.

Sabrina has been a fan of the iconic singer since the age of 9 and has always admired the songwriter, artist, and businesswoman that Taylor is. 

The 24-year-old opened for Taylor during her performances in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico in August and November. 

She is all set to support the musician in Singapore and Australia as well, in February and March in the upcoming year.

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