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Friday, December 22, 2023

Sam Ryder Wants His Christmas Song To Become A Classic

In recent news, Sam Ryder has said that he hopes his Christmas song will become a classic for the holidays. 

The 34-year-old singer has thrown his hat in the ring for the yearly race to become festive number one.

For this reason, he released You’re Christmas To Me, which has received an overwhelming reaction from fans across the globe. 

Moreover, the singer has added that he hopes the song will be on various seasonal playlists in the years to come. 

In his words, he wrote the song while on a train and it did not even take him much long to do so. 

The star further admitted that the reason he was able to finish so fast was because he was on a deadline to submit the song, which would be featured in a movie. 

Sam disclosed how much he loves the holiday season, which made it easier for him to pen down the song. 

Talking about the process, the singer said that he was tired of sad pop Christmas songs and wanted to make a happy and cheerful song.

Thus, that is what he did, which is what made people love the song. Thus, the musician believes that he did something right that could last for the next few decades. 

However, the singer later disclosed that he was apprehensive about performing the song live. 

According to him, he did not think that most people would love the song, which is why he was nervous about singing it in front of a crowd.

He initially wrote the track because it brought him joy, unaware that it would receive the overwhelming response that it did. 

It is no secret that the Space Man singer has always wanted to pen down a Christmas song but was unable to do so because of his busy schedule. 

He is glad that he finally got the chance to do something he loves and give fans something to listen to. 

Sam recalled how it took him time to get to Eurovision, but he happily went for it and gave the event his all.

Similarly, he has been thinking about writing a Christmas song for a while now, but never followed up on it.

But two years after first thinking about penning down a track for the festivities, the musician has finally come through. 

In his words, Sam admitted that there is a lot of competition in the category since numerous singers have released Christmas songs before.

On the other hand, the star’s song has been faring well ever since its release and receiving a positive response. 

When talking about the upcoming holiday season, the artist said that he is excited to be spending the festive season alongside his chaotic family.

He compared his family to the one in the movie Home Alone, saying that his family believes in going all out for the season.

However, the star added that he knows Christmas to be chaotic and loves spending it in this manner.

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