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Thursday, December 21, 2023

Finneas Teases New Billie Eilish Album

In recent news, Finneas has teased fans about the progress that his sister is making in her upcoming album.

The Let’s Fall In Love For The Night singer has co-written and produced the first two albums that his sister released.

These included When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? And Happier Than Ever. Both of which have hit it big across the globe.

Now, Finneas has given an update on the next-full length album that his sister is soon going to put out, saying that it is 85% complete as of now. 

However, the producer has also discussed that the entire process has not been easy on his sister. 

In his words, he believes that Billie was not sure how she actually felt about the things they were writing about.

He went on to add that he did not feel that his sister was fully connecting to the songs, which made her struggle throughout the writing process.

While talking about his own songwriting skills, the singer added that he had been out of the practice of penning down songs.

According to him, he had been touring too much in the last couple of months and had not had the time to sit down and write. 

He said that it felt scary to him to think that his writing skills had become rusty. Finneas felt discouraged when he realized that taking time off for his music made his songwriting skills suffer. 

Thus, the 26-year-old decided that he needed to get back in shape. Thus, he revealed that he will better manage his music-making schedule in the upcoming year.

The musician added that he loves to create but wants to avoid drowning in it. Therefore, he is trying to produce responsibly and have a more regulated relationship with this avenue. 

Meanwhile, in a recent appearance with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Billie teased that she was soon going to release her new album since it was almost done.

However, the star did not mention a release date, telling the fans that they would know more soon enough. 

What Was I Made For, the singer’s track that appeared in the Barbie movie released in 2023, has currently been nominated for a Golden Globe and five Grammys. 

In other news, Ne-Yo has talked about how he lost around 20 pounds, performing in the Cow costume featured on The Masked Singer.

During the 10th season finale of The Masked Singer, the Miss Independent hitmaker was awarded the winner’s prize and unmasked from the Cow costume he had been wearing. 

He gave a post-win interview, admitting that he lost weight because he would sweat profusely in his costume. 

Ne-Yo admitted that it had no room for him to breathe at all and that people had to stand by with fans every time he took it off. 

The 44-year-old musician decided to put on the Cow costume to throw the judges off and prevent them from recognizing him.

However, the heat and padding of the costume made it challenging for the musician to dance around the set or do anything else.

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