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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Stormzy Opens Up About His Childhood

In recent news, Stormzy has taken to talk about what it was like for him growing up in a house where there was no father figure.

In his words, he felt the pressure of being the man of the house since there was no one else around to take up the mantle.

Thus, the Shut Up rapper believes he had to grow up faster than the people around him to take up important responsibilities. 

According to the 30-year-old, he is still the man of the house. He talked about how he provides and protects his mother and sisters, trying to give them things that he did not have when he was growing up.

The Vossi Bop rapper went on to address the absence of a father figure in the household since his father had chosen not to be in his life anymore.

However, the star recently got back in touch with his father. Afterward, he talked about how his absence had zero impact since he could not miss what he never had. 

Stormzy remembered how he was more or less indifferent to the fact that he did not have a father in the house.

But what irked him was that all responsibilities fell on to him, and he had to grow up faster than boys his age back then.

According to the musician, he is grateful he did not fall into toxic stereotypes and chose to be his own man.

Moreover, the rapper recalled dropping out of school to pursue an apprenticeship at an oil refinery.

He went on to add that he does not like social media, as it fails to put up an accurate depiction of what his life has actually been like. 

In the words of Stormzy, real name Michael Owuo Jr., people look at him and think he has gotten everything figured out.

He confessed how younger artists tell him they want to be like him since they only see the bling, not the challenges behind it.

But the musician said that he is struggling just like everyone over one thing or the other. He added that everyone has problems in their lives, and he does too. 

In other news, Cher has divulged details regarding her relationship with Alexander AE Edwards.

She disclosed that when the pair initially began working on her upcoming Christmas album, she was afraid that their relationship would be in jeopardy. 

The Believe singer revealed that she was unsure if it was a good idea for her to work with the music executive, given that she had been dating him for a year.

According to the music icon, she first hesitated when he wanted to produce her new holiday album, which has been titled Christmas. 

The singer revealed that she was caught between a rock and a hard place because it is a known fact that you should not mix business with pleasure. 

However, Cher added that her relationship with the music executive has only been smooth sailing, even after they started working together.

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