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Monday, December 4, 2023

Nick Cave Writes A Tribute For Shane MacGowan And Sinead O’Connor

In recent news, Nick Cave has penned down a poignant tribute to pay his respects to Sinead O’Connor and Shane MacGowan. 

The 66-year-old singer has taken to hail the frontman of The Pogues as one of the greatest songwriters of this generation and a true friend. 

After his passing was announced on the 30th of November, sources revealed that Nick sat down to write an essay to reflect on the 60th birthday gig of the star.

On that day, the musician performed for the late singer on a bill that included various of his songs.

One of his top hits from the evening, and overall, was Nothing Compares 2 U by the hitmaker who passed away five months ago.

When asked to recall his memories of the stars, Nick talked about feeling nervous and agitated when he was allowed to perform alongside Carl Barat, Bobby Gillespie, and Bono.  

He went on to add that despite his nervousness, Sinead offered him words of comfort and assured him that he would do well.

In his words, the singer stood out from everyone else despite being half hidden by a curtain, and in that moment, she looked quite intense and fierce.

According to Nick, he did not know Sinead at the time and had only met her a couple of times in passing.

He recalled only chatting with her briefly but appreciating her raging spirit, uniqueness, beauty, celestial voice, and disagreeableness from afar. 

Talking about his nervousness, Nick stated that when he looked up at Sinead for the first time, she made eye contact, smiled, walked toward him, and gave him a warm hug.

He added that he was terribly moved by her gesture and how kind it was in the moment when he needed it.

As per the singer, he did not realize how precious the moment would turn out to be for him in the near future. 

However, Nick never got the chance to have a conversation with Sinead and was soon ushered onto the stage to perform Summer In Siam alongside Shane.

At the time, he said what struck him the most about his collaborator on stage was the love he shared with his spouse, Victoria Mary Clarke.

The Dirty Old Town singer was pushed onto the stage by his wife, and that took Nick by surprise. 

He said that while Shane was impressive for his legendary songwriting skills and terrifyingly beautiful voice, Nick could not help but admire how much his wife loved him.

The performer was taken aback by the extraordinary display of affection on stage that day and how deep and powerful it was. 

The Into My Arms singer added that he applauded the two stars for their kindness, goodness, talent, and purity.

He further said that he truly appreciated and admired them and would miss them. In his words, his first interactions with the two are memories he will never forget. 

According to Nick, the two deceased stars are now angels and are watching everything from somewhere.

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