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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

George Daniel And Charli XCX Collaborate To Make New Music

In recent news, Charli XCX has revealed that she is currently working on new music with George Daniel, her fiancé. 

She recently appeared on the Spout podcast and talked about the fact that she and her fiancé decided to make their bond even stronger by collaborating on new music.

The Boys singer teased that she and her beloved have a couple of ideas in the works. In her words, she has never dated anyone with whom she made songs; thus, the dynamic is new to her. 

Charli confirmed that she and George will not be releasing a single song but a couple of collaborations.

The British singer was engaged to The 1975 drummer in the month of November. The couple first time they met was in 2021 when they were featured on No Rome.

At the time, they had worked on their hit Spinning and decided to start dating in 2022. 

Charli further talked about how she once saw Matty Healy, one of George’s bandmates, work with him in the studio. 

Consequently, she said that their process was completely different from what she and her fiancé are used to doing.

She added that it takes them a lot of time to record a song, while when she is recording, she tends to be pretty fast. 

In her words, being spontaneous and impulsive is part of her process, and it helps her stay creative.

She continued that being around her fiancé and Matty gave her insight into how someone can sit on their songs.

Thus, Charli added that she learned how to re-work songs. The musician has now begun to play her works for friends and family, going back and forth to make changes as she sees fit.

According to her, she will continue to make changes to a song until she is fully satisfied that it is perfect. 

Later in the interview, Charli also admitted that it is stressful for her to be sent the work of other musicians for the purpose of feedback. 

She says that it feels like she is walking around with a bomb in her bag, and it feels stressful at times. 

In other news, Travis Kelce has talked about how Taylor Swift, his girlfriend, was booed by a couple of football fans during his latest game. 

The player of Kansas City Chiefs took to addressing the mixed reaction that the singer received from the fans of New England Patriots when she was seen on the big screen wearing merchandise of the Chiefs. 

Despite being booed by the fans at the Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts, the musician was unbothered. 

Travis praised her for not taking it to heart, saying that the entire home team fan base went wild when they saw Taylor wearing the opposite colors.

Thus, he believes that it perfectly showcases how amazing the musician is, saying that there were a lot of people showing their support for her. 

To support her boyfriend, Taylor attended the football game alongside Alana Haim, her friend, and Scott Swift, her father.

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