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Saturday, December 16, 2023

Demo Tapes Of Michael Jackson No Longer On Sale

In recent news, the people close to the late singer, Michael Jackson, have managed to ensure that some of his rare and unreleased recordings were removed from sale.

In the previous month, Gotta Have Rock And Roll announced that it was planning on auctioning off more than two dozen master tapes.

It was claimed that these tracks were recorded by the deceased Thriller singer, who passed away in June of 2009. 

The organization added that the musician set up these songs at The Hit Factory, which is a popular studio in New York, back in 1994.

Consequently, the sale of these tapes is likely to fetch more than $4,000 for every single one sold.

However, lawyers are not acting on the estate of the late star and have threatened to sue Gotta Have Rock And Roll. 

They have alleged that these recordings were stolen from the singer, either during his lifetime or after his death.

Jonathan Steinsapir, an attorney on the case, penned down a letter demanding the company to cease and desist from all its efforts to auction the tapes. 

He also demanded that these recordings should be returned, as they do not belong to anyone else.

According to the letter, neither Michael Jackson nor the record company he worked with, Sony Music Entertainment, ever made plans to give away master tapes of his recording sessions.

It went on to add that these tapes were likely stolen or taken without any authorization. As a result, they were deemed to be the property of the Jackson Estate by the attorney. 

However, the letter was seemingly unsuccessful in convincing the Gotta Have Rock And Roll to not auction off the tapes.

But earlier in the week, Alex Spiro, another attorney on the case, took to emailing the lawyer about the demands made.

In the email, it was noted that the company had previously informed the estate of the former musician that they would not be complying with any demands made. 

Alex further added that a temporary restraining order, as well as a preliminary injunction, would be obtained from the New York Supreme Court on the matter.

Ultimately, the tapes were removed from sale. However, Gotta Have Rock And Roll is still going to proceed with selling many items that have been associated with the deceased Bad singer.

This includes his red military-style jacket from 1984, which is expected to sell at a price higher than $10,000. 

In other news, Jess Glynne has revealed that she refused to give one of her songs to the popular singer Rihanna. 

Back in 2022, the 34-year-old star met up with Jay Brown, who is the vice chairman and co-founder of the Roc Nation empire that belongs to Jay Z.

Consequently, the musician expressed an interest in the ballad, Promise Me by Jess for Rihanna to take.

However, Jess stated that she decided to refuse the offer because she is also an artist and wanted to be successful.

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